18. Navigating a World of Triggers – #Blog4MH #OCD

I found another article that bordered on disappointing and annoying, this time though it was an author calling out the bullshit of a Good Housekeeping USA magazine using OCD as a quirk and cleaning joke: OCD is not an adjective

I am finding that in the nearly two weeks that I’ve been on Twitter, that it is a cesspool of triggers.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about that… honestly.

I’ve used the hashtags (particularly the OCD one) in the title as my blog is linked (and has been over these last two weeks) with my blog’s twitter account so that the posts that I write can just go up automatically onto there. It’s a lot easier than doing them one by one, especially as I’m writing many multiple posts each day with this challenge (and soon I’ll have up a new video on my Youtube channel–on a side note, I totally formatted an old SD card and now have space to make videos which I’m happy about)

Any who, back on topic. I’d like to discuss triggers in this post. The world of triggers and in particular, the worldwide web of triggers.

What I find triggering is unique to me. What you find triggering is unique to you. Just as what we find offensive is unique to us and our experiences in life prior. Just because I get triggered by X doesn’t necessarily mean you will. Maybe Y triggers you instead. Regardless, we both will have to face the trigger (especially if it’s unexpected– and they usually are) and live with what happens afterwards. Hopefully we have built up enough of our adaptive coping strategies and have plans set in place to catch us when we get triggered–otherwise, a crisis is on the way.

While triggers are unique to individuals, we can largely generalize what concepts can be triggering for groups of people–such as explicit mention of rape, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders etc.

I’ve always found self-harm depictions of fresh cuts triggering even when I wasn’t someone who used self-harm as a maladaptive coping strategy.

If you would like more detail about what triggers are like, do check out my friend Summer, who discussed this in detail regarding her complex PTSD: T-R-I-G-G-E-R-E-D by SummerShines

(And share the love and hugs with her because she is truly a survivor radiating badassery with her golden flamingo-ness) 🙂 ❤ Love you, poptart!

But back to the point again. I’m not sure what to do about these triggers. I’ve found that the OCD “quiz” was triggering–making fun of the condition when it doesn’t make any logical sense (through language, again, you cannot BE a disorder) and certainly didn’t provide any form of awareness to it. I’ve found that in providing awareness for the OCD misconception that it’s just a “quirk” or about “tidiness” and “cleanliness” ONLY to be triggering–not so much in that tweet itself but how I self-disclosed in it. For it. Necessarily, but I accidentally also triggered myself.

That sucked.

And then this housekeeping article. It was great to read some of the tweets supporting the mental health cause, but even the comments sucked in it (some of them). Again it was people dismissing other people’s offenses. Like, “I didn’t find this offensive, so why are you?” and invalidating others because of this.

I guess I feel a little burned out. I’m so ready to go on the attack that my shoulders are tense (literally, too) and I’m carrying the stress at the top of my back, right where I don’t want it. Granted, still avoiding schoolwork like a boss but that’s going to catch up to me, too. And being stressed before bed means I may pull at night for the trichotillomania, OR I will wake up in the middle of the night again and be awake for a couple of hours–like I was last night. I still lost a few eyelashes, but it could have been worse, too. I’ll take what I can get.

I suppose to answer my own question, I navigate through these triggers by upping my own self-care. By keeping distracted. By doing other tasks, listening to good music, coloring, watching videos, blogging. Because even in blogging it’s a bit of problem solving.

The biggest thing I’m noticing is that I find myself in this stuck position: I get triggered and I can’t do the thing my brain wants me to do (which is good because it means acting on self-harm/suicidal thoughts).

Instead I have to think of other alternatives to cope. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. That last blog post I did about suicidality, I meant what I said in it. Maybe it’s still too one sided but it’s given me more reason to NOT act on my own harming thoughts than since the first round of my recovery journey.

So I guess, the solution for me is to keep talking. Keep being around people, actually do some schoolwork, it’s almost the end of the god damn semester, and get some sleep. Distract. Color. Blog.

Refuse to stay silent.

Bring awareness to the thing that triggers me the most (OCD). It’s mainly triggering because the way I experience OCD now is not how others experience it. Sigh. Thank you, depression and borderline traits!

For now, it is time to feed my little Galaxy. 🙂

I hope this was an interesting read. Let me know down below how you cope with triggers, online or off, and what you do to practice proper self-care after them 🙂 ❤


Sending love and positive thoughts to you all. ❤ ❤ ❤


15 thoughts on “18. Navigating a World of Triggers – #Blog4MH #OCD

    • Oooo, what an excellent question and thing to ponder!!! I guess first identifying what the site would be about and what research you can conduct on existing websites at the moment would be the best first step. So like, is it text heavy where blogs like WordPress or Blogger would be better? Or is it more photo heavy where Instagram or Tumblr could be used instead? Do you want to have your own host name/domain or put in money to make a fancier website or is it just for the hobby and the knack of doing something? Do you know where and how you’ll network going into the weeks thereafter, and can you find some articles or other blog posts already in existence to what you want to create?

      Like maybe finding two or three blogs that are in the similar category of what you want to create could help you to promote your site as well as make some new friends in the process? They have sites that help with making your own websites like Squarespace and things. Even Weebly if you wanted to. It all depends what exactly you want to do and achieve. Just remember that anything is possible and you definitely have the potential to make your dreams come true and do everything you want to in this world!!!

      I’d also suggest maybe some more well trafficked blogs out there that offer tips and suggestions and/or even read some books about blogging or leadership and such. Also identifying what type of upload schedule if any that you’ll have would be a good start! Also, also, identify what values and goals you have for the project at hand and be aware that you may need to refresh yourself on them every month or so to see which ones change, transform or are being met/unmet.

      But yeah, good luck for sure and if you do launch it, let me know, Jacquetta, because I’d be sure to promote it and share it on my blog as well!!!!
      Best of luck and feel free to reach out if you need support, questions answered or just some friendly cheerleading.


    • Hi there!!

      Thanks for thanking me and for setting aside some time to respond! I really appreciate it!! 😀

      I hope you’re browsing around my blog and finding some of my newer posts. This one was from a LONG time ago, ahaha. I do still appreciate it, though.
      Hope you’re well!!! xxx


    • Hey there, I’m still combing through all my previous posts’ comments and this one post has a LOT of “spam” identified comments that I’ve unspammed and just came across your message again here.

      Anyways, even though it’s super late:

      Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate it, and if nothing else, when I don’t respond right away it’s because I’m holding the comment so tightly that I don’t want to ever let it go or respond in a way that I don’t deem as “ideal.” Which leads to forgetfulness and then never getting to it, unfortunately. So, don’t take it personally!!! I had a lot going on at this time.

      But I thank you for the message.
      Hope you’re doing well.
      ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thank you very, very much!! It was a good post, wasn’t it? Interesting to have captured what I once was dealing with years ago. I think this and further research exploring the early days of my blog will help me greatly in returning to similar posts in the future as well as processing in a different and more effective way today. Also, taking some things and exploring them further while attacking other things from a totally different perspective and challenging myself in new ways will help just as much. Transforming the old into all the possibilities of the new. Yay! 💌❣💖


  1. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired!
    Very helpful information specially the closing part :
    ) I maintain such info a lot. I used to be looking for this certain information for a long time.

    Thank you and good luck.

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    • Thank YOU so much!! I’m so glad that my musings and thoughts on my blog were able to inspire you back in the day. That is some excellent and wonderful feedback and I hope to continue to keep that goal as my main motivation as I continue with my blog today.

      Hope you’ve been well!


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