24. Spreading Stationery Love | #Blog4MH | Coping

So, I’ve been totes holding out on you guys in the blogosphere when it’s come to my expenditures in the stationery haul shopping world. But I’d like to update you all now with some of the new things I recently got (shhhh, don’t tell my folks!) and some of the older stuff I got a while ago, that I shared in my last Youtube video. :3 As well as some coping stuff I’ve been up to in the last few days πŸ™‚

So, with that said, here’s my latest last video about stationery on my Youtube channel:

And here are my most recent purchases as of this past week:


Fancy marble styled pencils! πŸ˜€


Pretty page flags for the book reviews!


Okay, so didn’t actually buy these but, one day when I have my own sensory room, it’s going to feature one of these pillows (probably the blue one!) because they are SUPER soft and definitely aesthetically pleasing and MADE for a sensory room!!!


Have I mentioned that I LOVE boxes?


Le side view of the box.


Inside view! I JUST got this today, so I don’t know what it will house just yet…. I’ll be thinking about it though!


Got this the LAST LAST time I went to Target. They’re sticky notes and page flags. I love them. (For obvious reasons, because those sayings are kickass and so true!)


A small stationery set this came with (the other I’m using for a present for Elisia!) that I’ll probably use to house more stickers and page flags.


The actual reason I went to Target was to get some deodorant. They didn’t have the one I actually use, but I decided to try this one out. We’ll see how it works. πŸ™‚ Gotta live and learn after all!


Nargh, stationery!


I’m also a sucker for journals (and never finishing them). I could NOT pass this one up though!


It’s soooooo thick! It also has a white bookmarker, which is awesome and I didn’t realize until AFTER I took the pictures. I think this will become my next new journal for blogging and whatnot (AFTER I finish the rest OF THEM) GWAH!

I may also do like daily prompts and positive stuff inside of the above journal, too. πŸ™‚

ALSO From other ADVENTURES of shopping that I’ve been holding out on you guys:


So, I have NOT actually bought this yet, but I’d like to in the future. (Making future plans <3) Because I’d like to continue expanding into the beautiful world of nail art and this is like a $10 set of doing that. :3 What do you guys think? Do you know of kits that are cheaper elsewhere?


I really, really like this top. πŸ™‚ ❀


From Macy’s. My Mom actually wound up getting it for me but as I’ve still to clean my room, I haven’t gotten it just yet. I love the phrase though. πŸ™‚


Me with the last of a hot coco! I felt pretty fabulous here! πŸ™‚


I don’t think I actually showed you guys this, but it’s a fancy pink notebook that says “Shine Bright” that reflects rainbows in the light and then three bejeweled pens! (Of blue, pink and silver)


I liked this lamp at the store today πŸ™‚


Also this lamp. ^^


I liked these shirts. πŸ™‚



OH! And most of all:


NEW Pearly white nail polish.


NEW Pearly silver.


NEW bronze metal.


New purple with metallic gold overlay. I forget what it’s called.


A shiny mint green (from earlier this year)


My last nail polish game. Using a cool gray tone I got and then…


A rockstar pink color. I was disappointed that it’s a clear base rather than pink, but it still has sparkles!


From when Elisia and I went out, I tested a bunch of polishes at the store. I kept this look for like two weeks. I bought the deep red color and the dark gray. The faded pink is getting to me though (I want to get it next)


The other gray-ish color that I got a while back.




Bronze metal with a silver streak. πŸ™‚


How the bronze metal looks on its own.

ANNNNND That’s all I got for this post!!

I hope that you enjoyed this! And I have to work on finals stuff and then I’m also writing a couple other posts tonight :3

I always forget how much I enjoy shopping/browsing until I go back out and find stuff. I’m a particular sucker for lamps, stationery, books, art stuff, boxes, lanterns, string lights, pretty artsy shirts, ties, coloring books….yeah. πŸ™‚


Hope you guys are doing well! ❀ ❀ ❀


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