Update: Finals

Ugh. Just, ugh.

I’ve been working predominantly all day on finals prep stuff (mainly papers after papers) and I’m so done… except I’m not! SOBS

My ass is sore, I’m tired (and will have to retire to bed soon), I still gotta feed Galaxy and I’m behind in blog posts. GWAH I know I’ll be able to catch up with plenty of time AFTER tomorrow but still. 😛

I’m so ready to be done with this semester! I can’t wait for summer when the weather actually decides to cooperate and to hang out especially when we get our doggo and then to just blog and vlog and everything like that. AND BOOK REVIEWS! Plus movie reviews, which I’ll be starting soon.

Also, it was my blogoversary yesterday, but I had to put off posting about it until I could really get to it, which won’t be til AFTER tomorrow.

Elisia and I are going to go to the Thomas Crane Public Library after our final and hopefully find a CVS store so we can eat some much needed Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and just relaaaxxxx for a bit. 🙂 I have to book review 2 books before I can drop them off though, GWAH!

And I’m going in late tomorrow for school since my final isn’t until 3p but the afternoon train would be too late, so if I don’t finish my papers before then I’ll have to work on them at school, ’cause I don’t want to bring my laptop tomorrow. :S

So there’s that.

I swear this is the fastest I’ve written up a post in a WHILE.

My brain is sludge and a slushie right now. I want a slushie. I should go to sleep soon. Probably read through one last article and then do the writing and revising tomorrow.

Wish me luck, folks!! ❤ ❤ ❤