25. Spreading Kindness| #Blog4MH

Hey everyone!! I am BACK!

Finals are OVER and papers have been sent OUT! I am FREEEEEE!!! For the summer at least! Which is enough for me 🙂

I was in such a GOOD mood on Monday after listening to some Sleeping At Last and so I’ve decided to end off the semester with some MORE random acts of kindness! So far I have made about 5 positive messages, 2 formal cards, 6 short letters, 6 stationery kits and here’s hoping for 60 positive messages, 10 short letters, 3 formal cards, 8 stationery kits, 5 drawings and 7 bracelets!

Here’s examples of how things are looking so far:


So those are some examples of the stationery kits, the positive messages I’ve made so far and some of the letters! OH! I also added a couple of drawings to the cards, here are those:


So yeah! Exciting stuff!

This is also a small reminder to myself to print out one of my earlier blog posts so I can bring it to therapy tomorrow. 🙂

I plan on heading up to school on Thursday this week, as finals are still going down, to spread around these kindnesses–probably in the morning and arriving home again in the early afternoon 🙂

Plus I still have to read BOOKS and drop them off in Quincy and write book reviews…LEGASP. That’s what I have to do tomorrow.

I also need to doganize my room (dog organize) so when we get our new addition to the family (I’ve got my parents in the bag for this!) they will be able to be in my room without chewing (hopefully) on anything I have on my floor!

So today after I finished writing I worked on the kits and letters and hung out listening to Youtube and tweetering, still.

I actually have an additional RESOURCE for you peeps. I lost all my faith in Twitter today BUT then I got a letter in the mail and it RESTORED it!

There is this founder, Tiffany Lewis, for this non-profit organization called “Pens for Pals” that is an anti-bullying and suicide prevention worldwide program where volunteers get matched to recipients of the same age to receive handwritten letters of hope, inspiration and peer support for whatever they may be struggling with. It’s optional to write back the sender, and they send out letters either weekly or bi-weekly. I got my first letter today!! You can even hear it be read out by Tiffany in this Youtube video below: (I totes suggest checking out the channel, there’s not much yet but it’s a brand spanking new thing (only been going for 2 weeks!) and will grow in time for sure!)

I love the message she is spreading and sending out, and she says in another video that she’s been doing a similar thing for years now, and just recently decided to take her mission to the non-profit level! I think that is AMAZING and awesome and super kind and compassionate of her (plus all the people who are jumping on board the campaign!)

So, spread the word out, peeps!! Their website is pensforpals.org if you’d like to check it out, too.

I’ve already written up my response letter and just have to wait until tomorrow before I can send it out.

There is ALSO this twitter account (and Facebook) called ProjectBuddy that also pairs people on twitter and instagram with someone to talk with and connect with if you’re struggling with suicidality (I believe, but don’t quote me entirely on that!) There are all sorts of resources out there, so keep on looking out for them!

That’s about all I’ve got to say for now, knew I shouldn’t have had that coffee milkshake at 7p! (It’s nearly 11p and I’m pretty much awake right now)

See you guys tomorrow!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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