Getting Ready for Saturday June 3rd

It’s nearly 10:30p and I’ve just finished getting ready for tomorrow’s big day.

I hung out with Elisia today, which went swell!!! We made safety plans each of us on fancy stationery paper (I’ll put a slideshow below, they’re from Google!), got me and Galaxy some more food, and TOYS that are ADORABLE for le doggo, and money and gas out from the bank PLUS a little bit of stationery and some metallic markers (that I quite like and were cheap!) and some other markers that I don’t like especially for its whopping $10!!!! So, I’ll be returning those this WEEK.

Any who, I’m tired and exhausted for sure.

I wanted to just write a little before bedtime.

I typed up the directions for the place, since it’s at the end of the world in Rhode Island. I printed out my adoption application and the paper that says to bring my ID, ze money, a crate/towel and … that’s it.

I’m nervous!! Mainly for the drive there…

We’ll be leaving at about 8am to get there at 10a. Yep, gonna be THAT long.

If we get her tomorrow, we’ll have to stop by the pet store (I’m hoping for PetSmart it’s waaaaaayyyy better than Petco, and so much CHEAPER!) to get her doggy food and some of the essentials for right away. Then there’s the licensing for later this week and going to the vet and most definitely getting the anti-tick spray. NEED THAT FOR SURE (I don’t want to get Lyme disease!)

It’s one of the FEW things I DON’T have.

Any who, I should head to bed.

This may be my last night alone ❤ Here’s hoping! ❤ ❤ ❤

PS Her current name is Pocket

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