My Solo Time

Daily Prompt ~#~ Distant

I’m on break for about an hour. By 9p I have to feed Galaxy (my hamster) and by 10p go to sleep. Probably will take out the pupper before going to sleep, and just chill before I fall asleep, too. I’d like to read a little, but most definitely I’d like to sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

And yes, you read correctly: We got a PUPPER!

We’ve renamed her Mocha.

I would say more but, I’m awfully tired. ^^; Woke up at 4am with her for her to go potty (she’s only had two pee pee accidents in the house so far) and was awake still around 5am before falling back asleep and getting up around 8am.

Grandma and myself and Mocha went for a BIG walk early at 9am. We stopped by our elderly neighbors to show her the puppy, it was sweet.

Mocha took quite a few naps (all mainly on my lap) and we chilled outside on the porch for a while too.

Then there’s been meals and more naps and playing with toys and eating my hands. LOTS of eating my hands. She’s teething and her bites can quite hurt! D:

She’s about 4 months old, the Labrador retriever mix. Her eyes are grey and soooo beautiful.

She’s learned sit already (Grandma’s help!) and she LOVES her treats. She was learning ‘beg’ today, the sitting position where they balance on their back legs and hold their front legs up.

She also learned the stairs and when my Dad got home, RAN with excitement up them (uh oh!!!)

She came into my lap yesterday when I had a bad cough attack. That was very sweet. 🙂

She’s pretty calm and is still a bit timid of other doggos, and likes people. I got her some cute ice cream plushie toys and she’s pranced around with them so far. I’m thinking of getting her that chew toy rope thing that has cooling ice to help with the teething. She’s had a bone, an ear and the little dental chews already, so far.

I’ve been a bit paranoid about ticks and bites but so far, no incidences.

I had a little bit of a tough time with mental health last night. It went away though.

Also, she snores!! XD

Yawn. Any who, the distance is set a little bit, although I just want to keep observing and watching her to make sure she’s all right! Must be what having a baby is like. My parents are watching her right now, but man, I don’t want to miss out on the action that’s happening (or not happening)!

I’ll be on again tomorrow, when I get a chance. We’ll see when that will be.

Here are some photos SO FAR! (Not from my camera yet because I’m lazy)

Mocha 1

Mocha on her first day with her chew for dental hygiene. 🙂 Aren’t her eyes GORGEOUS?


A sleeping Mocha today.


Another sleeping Mocha (once I moved)

Mocha 2

First day, Mocha and I cuddling while she slept. 🙂

Mocha 3

Not the best quality but what we looked like from afar.


On the way home first day!

We’re getting a better crate for her, in the future use, so don’t panic–Internet! She was REALLY good the way home on Sat. So far since, well, there’s this loud piercing high pitched noise she does…. XD

Now, I’m paranoid about mosquito bites but that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope I can do some of the things I want to do, too, throughout the week!! 🙂

See ya, peeps!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤