Rough Night | Film Review #1

Hey everyone!

So, I’d like to start doing these things called film reviews on my blog, along with my book reviews. I also want to watch through seasons 1-8 of House and make a seasonal review of that, too (which will be a larger project over the course of this next year).

Technically while this will likely be the first PUBLISHED film review, it’s not actually the film that inspired this series. That film, Demolition, will be having its review within the next month. I will probably do them out of order as I’ve recently made a list of films to review and want to get them going and really, order doesn’t necessarily matter (it’s just an excuse I use to keep myself from working on these blogging projects and I’m getting tired of doing that, as it’s only kept me from updating and writing rather than getting it out and published).

Any who, there MIGHT be spoilers ahead so if you want to watch this film and NOT see my review, then well, don’t read this post, silly!!! (I lied, I don’t mention spoilers, BUT the comments section may include people who have seen the film in which I may engage in deeper discussion with them about it, so, for that section, you may want to avoid it if you still want to see this movie before reading about it!)

I will follow a similar style and format to my book reviews for these film reviews: A summary of the film, what film/year it is, reference to important characters, spoilers or non-spoilers may abound, anything that stuck out from me (depending on where I found/watched the film) and a recommendation score based on my audience (i.e. people with mental health conditions) from a scale of 1 to 10. 🙂 Let’s jump in!!

Film Review #1:

Rough Night (2017)

About My Experience Watching this Film:

So I’m about 99% sure this is the first movie I’ve gone out on my own, AKA alone, to see EVER. I heard on the radio that some people were thinking of this movie as a “chick flick”, I’d say it actually has a lot more substance than that! (Nothing against ‘chick flicks’).

It took me a little while to get into the movie, for me, it was hard to see Scarlett Johansson as her character (Jess) rather than herself. I’m not sure why, but Scarlett is a beautiful woman and her hairstyle in this film is so very striking (short) and she pulls it off SO well, maybe that’s why I was finding it a little difficult to see her as JESS and not herself. (Which is not to imply I’m a major fan of her which is also NOT to imply I’m not, just that I don’t know well enough about her to distinguish her from HER rather than the intricacies of the character she is playing…if that makes sense. What I mean to say is, although I’m not a major fan of hers to watch every interview or anything like that, though I am also familiar with some of her work (Lucy/the MCU), I can’t quite explain why I saw her as herself in a character she was playing as I don’t know who she really is beyond some handful of roles and characters she’s played. You know what, never mind.)

Off the tangent! If you can get past the initial sex/dick jokes and the outstanding amount of substance use in this film (see trigger warnings down below) which, in some ways, normalizes the idea of substance use, glamorizes it and puts across the idea that in order to have fun one can only be wasted/high to do so (let alone plan appropriate next actions, or should I say, inappropriate next actions)–all of that considered, I rate it pretty well, still!

The basic summary without giving away the details of the plot (which I found to be unexpected and why I do NOT consider this a ‘chick flick’ and why describing it as such hides the humor, friendship, triumphant love and nay say against procrastination in life) is that it’s about 5 old college friends who meet up again for the weekend to have a fun time with Jess who is about to be getting married some time in the near future. They go out to have fun and have a–you guessed it–rough night to say the least!

If you’ve also seen this film and want to talk about it in the COMMENTS section, let’s do it! Otherwise, I’d prefer to NOT give anything further away which is pretty much the rest of the whole plot, which there is a lot of.

I WILL say that I totes called it from the start of how things were going to go. Maybe that makes it predictable, I’d say it makes me badass. (I’m still very novice at understanding the intricacies and complications of films and so for me to anticipate what was going to happen is a HUGE accomplishment ;))


Trigger Warnings:

  • Substance use and a LOT of it (alcohol, Adderall, cocaine, meth)
  • Sex worker/sex/penis jokes (and paraphernalia)


PS There’s an activism character and LGBTQA+ stuff too, which I enjoyed, naturally 😉


Themes in the film:

  • How to maintain longstanding friendships, especially after college, and how things are inevitably going to change and unless you change with them, expect some bridges and connections to fall away to the wayside
  • As people change secrets start to form by accident or on purpose. Maybe there is some acceptance of this that needs to be taken place?
  • Keep track of your priorities: Make time for your roots/where you came from and who brought you up when you get high up on the ladder of life.
  • How love withstands, and friendship too
  • Near death experiences can change us, we hope it’s for the better
  • Don’t procrastinate, we’re not giving a set amount of living time.


My Recommendation Score:

With everything I’ve stated considered, I rate this a:

8 out of 10 movie.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever film review!! I’ll be adding the category tab to the bottom of my blog page soon! (Once I remember to do it again). I’ll have more posts up and ready this weekend, including some SHOPPING that I did :D)


Thank you so much for reading!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Let me know what you’d like to see from me next! 😀


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