The Shade of the Moon | [OLD] Book Review

The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Beware, spoilers!! Book 4 of 4

Also, beware, this is an old review and apparently I didn’t summarize it here either, so this is based on the quotes and what I can remember.


Book four of this series by Susan Beth Pfeffer follows the youngest sibling, Jon, in his survival in the segregated lavish safety town vs his older siblings being in the run down working life. He’s kind of an asshole at the beginning but he’s still also blaming himself for his love’s death, which in reality was caused by Miranda (who only tells him later in the book). Jon deals with spats with his family and a new love budding from a girl at school and trying to fit in with the cool crowd even as that crowd despise the girl he cares about. He has to find out who he really is versus who he’s expected to be.

With loss of life that comes in this book, naturally so, Miranda by all unlikelihood becomes pregnant and a scandal breaks out that requires all of them to band together to help each other.

I believe it was this story where Jon does manage to get out and is with a girl who is a twin but the wrong twin and she has an accent and they don’t really get along but they have an appreciation for one another and they wind up finding their way out.

That’s all I can recall.


4/5 series endings.


  1. “‘You’re old enough, Jon, to see the world as it really is, not the way you want it to be‘” – p. 44

A poignant quote, I believe.

2. “‘She’d want you to have the chance she couldn’t have‘” – p. 82

Said to Jon for him to take the opportunity presented of him at the safe town.

3. “He’d be all right. He’d survived hunger, disease, the loss of his home, the loss of his father. He’d survive this as well” – p. 97

Survival, man. It’s all about survival and while we struggle in our lives, we still make it through the largest bullshit around, and THAT’s an accomplishment, hands down.

4. “He stared at her. All their friendship, all their love, had died along with Julie’s arms and legs. She’d run into the storm and the storm and killed her, and still she feared what Jon would do to her” – p. 108

Ah yes, we’re led to believe that Jon had raped Julie before she ran away from him into the storm (which then paralyzed her) but it turns out to be a misunderstanding and no action like that occurred. We’re just meant to hate him, be appalled and sickened, and then reassured later. Kinda makes it difficult to like him a bit, though.

5. “The rain fell on him, but it couldn’t wash away his sins. Nothing could” – p. 109

I felt this bit was relatable and poignant. :3 So I kept it and left it in here.

6. “But Carlos had said yes, allowing Alex to marry his sister’s killer. And Jon spent three years feeling responsible for something that had never truly been his fault” – p. 119

I kind want to say boo-hoo to Jon, but I mean, that’s a pretty hard thing to go through and for it to have been wasted time…yeah. That sucks. 😦

What’s unsaid and is a MAJOR SPOILER is that…

Alex had kept sleeping pills with him when he left with his sister to go on their own, remember their family was gone and Brianna died alone in the elevator and their older brother was in the army or navy or something, because if it came to it, he wanted them to go peacefully, all of them. So, basically Alex had the idea to kill them if need be, that he told Miranda about and so because he was still lost in the storm, she did his job for him. Which he doesn’t forgive her for and is angry that he wasn’t there to do it himself. But they get married and Miranda gets pregnant.

7. “Miranda had done that to him. Miranda had murdered Julie, and she had murdered everything that was good in him” – p. 121

This sounds, what’s in bold, a tad magnified–if we think of those top cognitive distortions.

8. “‘I don’t want to lose you,’ Sarah said. ‘But I don’t know that I’ve ever had you. How can I love you when I don’t think I like you?'” – p. 135

9. “He’d had her and he lost her. He could blame whoever he wanted, whatever he wanted–Tyler, his family, the moon itself–but none of that mattered. He was alone. He would always be alone. That was all he deserved” – p. 135

Again, just a little over the top here. Poor Jon. (And what bollocks, too!)

10. “‘People kill for no reason whatsoever. That’s never going to change” – p. 148

11. “They were safe. They were protected. Whatever had happened, whatever would happen, for this night at least, they were safe” – p. 151

12. “Everything else–the earthquakes, the diseases, all of it-no one’s been at fault. We’ve suffered together. But what’s happening, what’s going to happen, is man-made” – p. 154

13. “‘I’ve wanted things to be different. Like they were before, back home'” – p. 155

14. “‘We’ll never have that again. It’s gone, not just for us, but for everybody. We’re the lucky ones, Jon'” – p. 155

I particularly like quotes 13 and 14 because 14 is emotionally validating while also putting things into perspective. It’s not just their family affected by the moon’s change, but everybody’s on the planet. This can also be applicable to our real world ailments, things like mental health, physical health, etc. Maybe not all 8 billion people, but definitely good chunks of them!

15. “‘I love you, Mom. And I need you. Promise me you’ll be all right.’ ‘All I can promise is that I’ll try’” – p. 155


How their Mom dies is so tragic and heartwrenching. I’m pretty sure I cried. 😦 It was definitely cruel.

16. “‘We’ll make it through this. I promise‘” – p. 155

We always make it through shit life hands us. Remember that, peeps. ❤

17. “I’ll be good, he promised them all, he promised himself. I’ll make you proud” – p. 156

18. “‘Do you know how to scrub a floor?’ ‘No. But it’s about time I learned’ ” – p. 161

19. “‘We’ll work something out,’ he said instead, and kissed her with a promise of a different world, a different life, where people in love could work things out” – p. 197

20. ‘I have a responsibility to all of them, Jon. I have to protect them'” – p 219

21. “‘But sometimes things happen that can’t be helped‘” – p. 275

22. “‘What if I fall?’ ‘I’ll be falling, too. We’ll fall together‘” – p. 284

23. “Nothing was going to come easy. Nothing had for four years. But the sun was visible behind the ash clouds, and with its light, Jon could see a future worth fighting for. We’ll make it work, he told himself. Together, we’ll make it work” – p. 288


End le book review! I know it’s a bit jumbled with my responses and sometimes lack thereof, but this has been in the works for a LONNNNNG time. That’s all I can really repair of it today for today’s post. 🙂 And so marks week 1 complete of daily blogging. 🙂 I look forward to our next week together!


More book reviews to come!!! 😀