A Very General Life Update

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Erm, so, this is a thing now! I’ve officially (and maybe finally) created a ‘card’/thumbnail for life updates. I’ll be using this each time I do a life update now. πŸ™‚ Maybe I can find fancier titles if I do that! I’ll probably work on making a bunch more for other topics too. I have seen some cool book review bloggers do similar, so maybe this is a super delayed inspired reaction! πŸ˜€

Any who. While writing this blog post, I am also trying to download new music onto my iPod. So, my attention is a little bit split.

But, how are you?

How’s recovery going? How’s the bitch that is life treating you? I feel like we haven’t gotten a chance to talk in a while–and I’d like to get us back to chatting. Plus, I also want to increase my together-ness and community we have here at RtW, so, let’s keep that in mind and maybe come up with ideas together on how to build a better bridge and relationship to that goal.

I made it 3 nights clean from the trich, by the way!!

Then I relapsed last night. And now 95% of my left brow is missing.

I have two new goals of prevention and combating the trich!

  1. I’ve made myself, using this purse/pencil pouch, a coping treasures kit to be kept under my pillow filled with a variety of things to help me cope when I start to pull or before I start pulling. (I’ll make a post on this later and what’s inside of it. And yes, one of those lollipops is for the pouch!)
  2. I will be taking progress photos every day of the hair regrowth until I have my brow back!

Also, I’m working on an artsy trich information series, so my next round of photos of the trich will come up in that series. I may either make a separate post for the trich series of the coping treasures kit or I’ll include it within the treatment/tricks bit. πŸ™‚

Additionally, I’ve been continuing to go to the partial–which will end for me on Wednesday. I’m thinking that the new journal I’ve got is going to be where I write all my new therapy stuff. (Because I also want to make a series on here about the information I’ve gotten from there).

I’ll likely be going into another program after this one. It’s DBT focused with other fun groups, and is a 3 day a week kind of deal from 9a to 3p. From what my therapist told me at least. Maybe shorter, you get to pick the groups with the coordinator a bit. πŸ™‚

Ugh, my fucking iTunes keeps stalling. -_- Super freakin’ annoying. I’d be done by now with my downloading of songs if the piece of shit would work right.

I spent the most time on the Internet tonight than I have in weeks. That’s amazing and utterly alarming. Any who, I’ve also for the last week been filling out daily planner sheets. πŸ™‚ And making goals each day, too.

This weekend, we have a family reunion thingy at the beach with Mocha tomorrow. And then on Sunday there’s the doggy playtime (that I still want to bring my doggo to) and my hanging out with my friend Kaiden. πŸ™‚ We’re going to do artsy stuff and coping boxes.

So yeah, I’ll definitely work up on my posts tomorrow. I think I’ll bring my camera and other coping techniques tomorrow too, to keep me busy.

I hope this was an enjoyable read! That’s as much as I can recall at the moment. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to show you guys more of what I’ve been up to!!

Sending love to you all this weekend! ❀ ❀ ❀



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