With Change Comes Opportunity

Stationery Haul THUMB

Welcome everyone to a LATE night blog post, but it’s STILL Sunday so it counts! πŸ˜€ I did NOT have any plans, even through my exhaustion, to miss out on a blog post. Gotta get in the blog post!

Any who, so I decided to make this thumbnail for the stationery haul series. πŸ™‚ I’ve also made one for book reviews and one for SAD (song a day).

Firstly, I want to talk a little about change.

I’ve officially started to change my car keys. With what? Or, how so?

I got this fancy rainbow keychain today at Target:


It’s a rainbow Yoobi keychain. It’s a nice material, like hard foam. And it’s an appropriate color-themed rainbow (some rainbow plushies at Michael’s were not). What I’ve done now is add this rainbow keychain to my car keys.

I used to always have this red CPR mouth guard pouch as my grabby rectangle for my car keys. Now, though, I’m changing it up. I can use this rainbow thing instead. AND I will be looking with my eye open for other keychain good deals that are cute, in style (for myself) and things that I enjoy! πŸ™‚

There’s a $4 unicorn head plush key chain at Michael’s too, maybe I’ll go back and invest in it, I’m not sure. Apparently unicorns and rainbows are IN right now (pffst, they should ALWAYS be). On my car keys though, before I get off subject, I recently added this year my Pokemon Pikachu pop out (it goes from colorless to colored when you pull it up). Then I had also added a Thomas Crane Library card. My other library card has been on there forever. My CVS card is there. And I’ve gotten rid of the Walgreen’s one (I never use Walgreen’s anymore). And of course the house key and the car keys/unlocking ability.

My point is, change can be positive, exciting and something to look forward to rather than always dreading it.

I should know, I used to HATE change.

But, if I think about it, every time I buy new stationery, that’s buying CHANGE. Which, in retrospect I likely need to invest more rather than purchasing things but that’s another problem for another post. I don’t know, it’s an interesting food for thought, I think. πŸ™‚

I also got those three gel pens and these Yoobi gel pens too:


I’m thinking I can try these babies out while I try and order more Yummy Yummy gel pens from Amazon. (Also, if you know of any stores/ideas of good, awesome key chains, let me know in the comments!!)

I ALSO got this amazingly spectacular pen that is SO ME:


It’s an ICE CREAM CONE PEN! It writes in black and is actually super light weight. I can’t wait to use it in partial tomorrow. :B

The other things I got included (all of this was $24 just under my budget of $25!):


4 unicorn, rainbow, hearts, hello and stars pencils. 4 cats, dogs, bones, paw prints pencils.


Pretty cheap scrapbook paper for a small set!


Cute stationery from Target with a gorgeous floral pattern and surrounding a “mirror” of lines. πŸ™‚

I ALSO recently purchased (yes, I DO have a problem) a notebook for where I will be organizing and re writing all my therapy notes into (from partial and such) that I want to organize for when I BLOG about them, as that’s what this blog is ALL ABOUT. πŸ™‚ Here’s how that looks:


Surprisingly enough, that is actually ALL that I’ve got this past week. I just have to finish my schedule for tonight and then I am off to sleep! It’s 11p here now, so I should be heading to sleep now. Today’s been a snoozer of a day, but I got to hang out with Kaiden which was super fun! πŸ™‚ I also found a cafe that is open in town that I’ll probably hang out more in this summer.

I finished reading a book yesterday, too. And as an alternate update, my Mom did in fact fracture her wrist so she’s having to get a cast in a few days. I actually think it may turn out to be good for me by making me more efficient and responsible.

I’m also creating a scoring section for my day (you know, like a rate your day scale) and yeah! There’s SO MUCH MORE I could say, but for now, I’ll end it here. I have an idea (stationery and planners) for tomorrow’s post, or I may do something completely different!

As I always say at the end of my IOOV presentations:

Imagine you are in a store shopping. You’re gazing at all the different types of socks–long ones, short ones, plaid ones, multi-colored ones, designs, patterns, etc. Remember that just like when you go shopping, life is filled with many options. It’s up to you which ones you choose. ❀

Night, folks!! ❀ ❀