Tired Rambles

Life Update Thumb

Another late evening! I meant to do this blog post earlier but things 
derailed a little bit. :S As such, you're pretty much getting my brain
when super tired, so everything may not make much sense, it'll be rushed
and just pretty general. I'm not up to making epiphanies at the moment. 

I mainly just want to sleep. I'm also pretty hot, so maybe I'll drink some 
more water before I fall asleep. 

I also still have to change into my PJ's. 

The scheduling and planning the day for structure has been going well.
I was looking forward to writing and sharing that as a post today, but
tomorrow will have to do. :3 

Today I stopped by CVS to get some envelopes which two are really pretty
(and expensive) while one is cheap, but they're like bubbled envelopes
not just card envelopes. I'm hoping I can find some card envelopes instead,
relatively soon. For now though, it'll be bubbled envelopes. ^^' 

On the bright side, I had a SPECTACULAR morning today. I was really happy 
with all my new stationery and I found out that one of the new gel pen
colors I got is like a flesh tone so I can use that to draw people when
doing IOS or just drawing in general. :) 

I've actually been doing quite a lot of IOS lately, which is great because 
I want to continue making my compilation videos on my Youtube channel about
them. And, I really need more content. Hah. 

I've been wanting to make bracelets every day now, but haven't been able to.
I did actually change my coping box with a scrapbook box, so that's good.

I'm hoping to trade in batteries I got tomorrow at the store so that I can 
use some more of my fancy string lights. :) 

I've been terribly exhausted lately as I've been cutting away the naps 
during the day and going to sleep later (around 10p). It's awful. 
Today I was so tired when I went outside during break, I snoozed (and got
in trouble for it later) on the bench until they came out to get me. :/ 
I did IOS after to try and forget about it and let it go (and to keep me 
distracted and free and because I wanted to) yet it still stuck with me a 
bit. :P 

I found some nice scrapbook pages, stickers, washi tape and other coping 
knick knacks that I'd forgotten about and have since rearranged into my 
newer coping box. 

I think I'll head to sleep now as I'm very tired. I just wanted to make a 
post for today and this shall suffice. 

Hope you guys are well! <3 <3 <3 Much love, my friends.