Recovery Restoration Volume #1 | Project Day #2

I was going to go with another post this evening, but again I am writing late and therefore just want to get something quickly jotted down so I can sleep instead. 😛

Therefore, this is Day #2 of the Recovery Restoration project. This project is about art therapy, mindfulness and peer support by corroborating pro-recovery artwork from individuals telling their recovery journey from mental health conditions and or substance use disorders that would be compiled into a photo album and donated to inpatient units. 🙂 Essentially.

Welcome back, then, to day #2!

Today’s piece is on:

IMG_7568 Upd

Drawing created 6/12/2015

The background/behind the scenes information:


That’s about all I can function for this post. ❤ More revised and better versions to come in the future. And earlier, earlier blogging for sure.

Goo night folks! 😉 ❤ ❤