2 Weeks of Daily Blogging: Complete!

Because this post is STILL easier to plan/write with my tired brain than my twice delayed post.

So, a reflection.

It’s been officially two weeks since I started daily blogging. We’ve essentially had a mixture of everything in those two weeks: Book reviews, daily prompts, mental health chats, stationery hauls, changes, life updates, galore!

What’s happened behind the scenes includes my making more new card slides for future posts/topics.

And apparently my creating stickers for myself and ordering them through Vistaprint.


I question ALL of my decisions. ON THE PLUS SIDE–they’re blog related? 😀 *guilty and happy grin* And maybe one pen, too. BUT BLOG PROMOTION I TELL YE! I know a few places I could use it already…. :3

I still have to add my card to it, though, so that’s the hold up on that front. I really need to stop buying shit, but it’s under $15 as my justification goes. O_o


But yes, two weeks of blogging. It’s impressive for sure, this is the longest I’ve gone ever. I really, really want to do my structure blog post soon, so I’ll make room for that tomorrow.

For now, I’m skipping dishes duty this evening, going to finish my schedule and order those stickers of mine….for promotion of course. And maybe journal and DEFINITELY go to sleep. So tired. GWAH.

I almost worry that I’ll run out of content to say during the next two months (that’s how long I intend to daily blog then go down through the semester) but as my lists show so far, nah, not gonna happen.


I’ll write up a better reflection in the future. Gotta make sure I don’t blog past eight at night. *yawns*.


Night peeps!!


**PS: I’ve decided that I don’t NEED these stickers and pen for promotional purposes RIGHT NOW so I will order them either as a reward for myself, after I get textbooks, in August or as a little birthday gift. :3 That way I can space it out more and maybe find an even better deal or how to tutorial elsewhere. 🙂 YAY PROBLEM SOLVING