Emergency Vet

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Hey everyone!

Just a more general life update again. I don’t have much to say today and am feeling pretty lazy and tired. So, I figured I’d get my post out of the way today and just write a little bit rather than waiting for later and being either too tired to write or still not having much to say.

So that was HOW this post started out at around 1p this afternoon. What transpired afterward is what gave this post its new title and why I’m writing it so late again.

So, Mocha was outside for maybe half an hour in the shade mostly on this uberly humid/hot day. When she came back inside she had a little bit of water but was starting to over salivate. She had a couple of pieces of cantaloupe (not my doing) and then her over salivating was definitely OVER SALIVATING because she was drooling all over the place–getting it on her soggy paws, her lips and chin, her body and the couch’s blankets. Then she puked, twice.

Naturally, I had the cognitive distortion of catastrophizing and thought it might be heatstroke or her overheating (and I tried Googling information on what to do about it, because she was unnaturally hot when she came inside) and then was super concerned she was going to die on me, so I started crying and freaking the fuck out and packed my backpack to head out to bring her to the emergency animal hospital.

But, in my doing so, I slipped down ALL of the stairs on the short landing and saved my back a lot more pain by having on my backpack. (Seriously, that thing saved my ass!) Except my actual ass got a little bit of a beating.

Any who, Mocha was getting weak and such so my Dad and I wound up bringing her to the vet nearest to us (after calling ahead and all that jazz).

Well, 4 hours later and $175 out of our pockets, she was doing better on her own. They think she might have eaten something she shouldn’t and got sick because of that. Not an allergic reaction because there was no swelling and they didn’t really mention heat stroke and her vitals were fine.

She held in her pee like a trooper, too!

She was pretty tired this evening afterwards (legit, we were gone from 3p-6:30p) though she did eat her late dinner.

After that, I later on fed Galaxy too and cleaned up his wheel–despite us no longer having any paper towels–and now I’m writing this post sweating my ass off at almost 10:30 at night.

I’m going to be heading to sleep soon, after I watch some slime videos, planner it out and then just snooze for the rest of the next 9 hours.

All is well again on the home front, although the escapade pretty much demolished my plans for the weekend. I was going to bring Mocha into doggy playtime tomorrow but now I’m not so sure. And my Mom’s pulling a mood so she doesn’t want ME to go either. Ugh.

On the bright side, I’m probably going to hang out with Kaiden so that’s cool.

I’ll be trying to devise some type of structure for myself. Until tomorrow and certainly after I kill this black spider, see ya peeps!!

❤ ❤ ❤

PS It probably didn’t help that I was sorta watching a Youtuber discuss his 2 year old puppy’s passing away this afternoon. Mmm, no, probably not.

PPS I also was forced to keep that backpack in the car when we got to the animal hospital which sucked doubly because then I had no phone and no ability to cope. Fucking thanks. Other than being immensely bored, it went all right. Felt unproductive as FUCK but all right, nonetheless.