Strength Comes Only After the Storm’s Gone | SADIJ3 Day #14

Song a day THUMB

Chosen Song:

Cry by Jamestown Story


Chosen Lyrics: (ALL OF THEM)

Tell me what’s wrong, tell me why you’re broken
come here for a moment, I’ll wrap you up in my arms
So talk, I’ll only listen
and should you lose control of that lump in your throat

Just go on and cry, let it all out
Hold on to me tight, surrender your pride
Go on and cry

Pain, the hurt has taken over
so bring on those teardrops, and I’ll be the shoulder
strength comes only after the storm’s gone
there’s no use in hiding the thunder and lightning

It’s funny how you realize after it’s over
the one thing you needed was to lose your composure
hold on real tight, go on and cry

Connection to the song:

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another SADIJ3! Tonight’s post is brought to you by Jamestown Story, which I fell in love with coincidentally from loving the musical talent and singer’s voice in a song I’ll mention down below! (It’s very depressing and is about suicidality so be warned about that! It’s a song to listen to when you feel alone, to remind you that others have felt the way you have before, too, and that the unspoken rule is that it DOES GET BETTER, so listen to other songs within this series to get yourself upright again!)

But yeah, I found this song by this band and really loved the message behind it and how it was written and the music of it, too. Basically, all of the lyrics are used here because the song is just THAT GOOD and I couldn’t piece out little bits, ALL OF IT IS IMPORTANT. And is a good reminder piece for those of us who may struggle with showing our vulnerability–maybe I will do some commentary in the future on Brene Brown’s vulnerability TED talks and other mental health related TED talks…sounds like a plan! I’ll file them under Film/Misc. Reviews, which I still need a folder for on the bottom of my blog… I’ll work on it! πŸ™‚

Any who, here is the other song I mentioned at the start and a couple of honorable mentions:

Honorable mentions:

Chosen lyrics for “Nothing’s Forever”:


I don’t know when, I don’t know how
but that was then and this is now

So baby if we’re going down I don’t wanna remember
that I was there to watch us fall and learn that nothing’s forever

Yeah I don’t wanna lose it all I wanna get it together
but I know it’s gonna get much worse before it’s gonna get better

That was then, this is now
I don’t know when, I don’t know how
I don’t know if I’ll survive but God I’ll try


Chosen lyrics:

You keep on running, no direction in your steps

Show me something, something you have left

I think you’re gonna hurt someone

If you keep running away, you keep running away

You’re gonna hurt someone

If you don’t change

I always enjoyed the bold bits above here, as I relate to them in the sense of self-harm and trying to run away from problems when really it just makes things worse! 😦 πŸ˜›

Chosen emoticon:

πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹= kissing lips!

Thanks for reading and viewing, everyone!! (I’ll be doing an update post about the posts/drafts process I have left, as I’ve gotten a lot done!! YAY!)