Traditionally Nontraditional

Today’s Prompt ~ Traditional

Apparently, traditional art means much more than I thought it did. I thought it meant working with pencil only, but no, much larger than that. So large I really don’t want to spend the time trying to research and understand and read up on it because it really doesn’t matter that much.

So, onto the actual post!

Today’s post I will be sharing 3 works of art:

My Artwork! THUMB

Excluding the one above, that’s just my thumb for this post!

I made it on Canva though πŸ˜€




So this is a drawing I made spontaneously back in May! I sent this in the mail to Tiffany Lewis, who is the owner of the non profit organization Pens for Pals about anti-bullying and suicide prevention. Phew, that was a handful! She and her volunteers write weekly/bi-weekly letters to people worldwide to help provide support and a listening pen. πŸ™‚

You can probably Google her and find her Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, podcast, etc. She’s really sweet! So I made her this drawing yonder ago!

It was actually while my friend Elliot was over the house. I first drew it in pen and then I went in with watercolors and pearlescent watercolors (the shiny parts), so yeah! πŸ™‚





This is but ONE of the drawings I made while I was inpatient this last time. It features two women, one upside down either way you look at it, with an hourglass in the middle between them that has a rainbow of grains that reads: “All Life Is Temporary”.

Which is essentially meaning that all life and its moments and situations are temporary ones–so if you’re in either a great or unpleasant place, it won’t last forever! And that’s the way it was meant to be, that’s life! Let it lift you up and bring you joy and hope, rather than bring you down into the shadows and abyss.

I made this drawing while hanging out with Kaiden, we were doing some pacing as pacing buddies do, and he had complimented me on my people drawing so I was inspired to make more.

I did the initial line work in pencil! And the eraser I had was crappy so couldn’t really erase anything!

Then I did the color in CRAYONS! Fucking love crayons now. πŸ˜€ Let me know what you all think! πŸ™‚ (My idea for tomorrow’s post is to talk about readership and comments. *nods*)




The completed version is above–BUT WAIT! I have in progress photographs too! πŸ˜€

The concept for this piece was actually inspired by a good friend of mine on Twitter, who I had told that my therapist says to think of my falls as mere stumbles, and they responded with this phrase. I was really inspired by it and I decided I wanted to write it down as an AId (Art Idea, drawing) and then I was really in the mood so I decided to draw it that night!

But when I went in with pencil I didn’t like how it was coming out so then I almost gave up but then decided to go back to my roots and said FUCK IT and went in with the paintbrush for watercolors instead!! πŸ˜€

Here’s the in progress photos:

Just slightly out of order for the first two but it’s good everywhere else (not that I sat there to watch it).

Of course the concept is about mental health conditions (or other such struggles) and crawling away from them towards the brightness of recovery. I used pearlescent watercolors again in this piece, too. Maybe I shall work on a drawing tonight, as well.

I did a LOT today, but that’s for another post!

That is all that I wanted to share for this artwork post today. More will come as music inspired, fanfic cover art and IOS! πŸ˜€

See ya, peeps!