The Tea Party | Sketch

Today’s Prompt = Tea

My Artwork! THUMB

This blog post is multi-faceted, let me just get that out of the way now. I’d like to discuss again, as I’m sure that I’ve mentioned the role of the tea party before in my life and certainly on my blog, the tea party phenomenon. It fits equally as such because last night I visited the tea party and today’s daily prompt is tea! 😀

Let’s jump on in!

First, the art piece I will be showcasing in this post is an official work in progress and is a sketch, that I made about an hour and a half ago and that I video recorded the process (which will be up on my Youtube channel the following day) of. So, that’s exciting. I’d like to talk about the process and the concept of the piece within this post, as I also explore the concept of what the “tea party” really is.

With that said, here is the artwork I’m referring to:


The bottom half of the drawing features a woman with her eyes closed, hand under her chin. The top half is what is going on in her mind–the tea party. DUN DUN DUNNNN. (I have about 20 minutes left to upload this post so the Youtube video will be updated to it by tomorrow).

The tea party is essentially the time one spends ruminating among the crowd of mental health conditions. I used to call it (and still struggle with calling it this) the OCD tea party but I don’t believe I really live with OCD anymore, not the classic type at least. Essentially, I wanted to showcase the mental torture of the tea party, the innocence displayed that is fabricated since the actual tea party is menacing, disgusting and a glorified lie, while not being morbid about it. A difficult feat, for sure.

You will see in the AiP (art in progress) that I started out a little morbid then decided I didn’t want that in my new sketchbook and didn’t like the connotation arising in it. So I changed it to how it looks here.

Here, it’s more that the person in the imagined bubble is acting as a puppet with depression (left) and obsessionality (right) controlling them.

The tea party is often experienced by myself when I put in my musical headphones, stand up in my room and pace around while “talking” to myself. Le sigh.

I haven’t figured out a good way to break this cycle, just yet. But I’m sure that I will come up with one.

When the tea party calls for you, what do you do?

Here are close ups of the bottom and top:


Okay, I would do more, but I’ve legitimately been running around with the video part and the writing and drawing and everything so this is a rough draft of this post, at best. I’ll update it and re-work it a bit tomorrow. I just don’t want to miss the fact that this is the start of WEEK NUMBER 4 for daily blogging!!!!

Thanks for reading, peeps!!

(Also I’m going to the movies to see Spiderman Homecoming tonight so that’s the reason for the rush, we leave in 15).


Here’s the finished video on Youtube, please check it out!!

This post will have a follow-up once I’ve completed coloring it in and making a secondary video of that. It rained today (Thursday) so I couldn’t film, but hoping tonight/tomorrow I can try again.

If there’s any issues with the video like bloops and blips, let me know as I was rushing when I made it. Hope you guys enjoy!! 😉

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