Generalized Coping Strategies List Part I | #WWRRM

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Around the Clock 1: General (Positive) Coping Strategies List

Taken From: published October 12th 2015

sigh This post has been heavily edited to be done to the bare minimum of general coping strategies, a list of things that I’ll be converting into my new journal notebook so that I can have a resource/reference for them physically with me in one place, as well.¬†

This main post of #WWRRM is a general list of coping strategies I pulled a long time ago from my pages from partial. This series will be approximately five parts long. I will be covering general coping strategies, my old coping strategies, my current coping strategies, coping boxes, coping treasures bag and portable coping strategies. So, maybe a little over 5 parts long ūüėȬ†

Thank you for tuning in! I may have a life update post soon, depending. ūüôā

A lot of these coping strategies that you will find linked, spoken of or featured here, will be repetitive as you explore more on your own (if you so choose), or go through the links or what have you. There are legitimately HUNDREDS of coping strategies in existence in this world. You CAN and WILL find what works for you. It‚Äôs a lot of just trying it out and seeing how it works. There are strategies you can use in particular moods ‚Äď such as for anger, anxiety, depressed. There are ones you can infiltrate into every day life ‚Äď art, for¬†instance. And others you can use on fancy days. Fancy Dance PLZ

The big things to keep in mind: It will take you time and practice to work on these coping strategies ‚Äď and to master them, most definitely practice them when you are feeling WELL. We all know how difficult it can be to unlearn negative behaviors, and by engaging in more adaptive coping strategies, particularly when you are feeling WELL, will help you to reach FOR those adaptive strategies when you direly need them.
There will be relapses and lapses in Recovery. In terms of self harm, a relapse in recovery is where you re-engage with the negative behavior (whatever form of SH that is) and say ‚ÄėAh, fuck it, I‚Äôll just keep doing this‚Äô and continue to self harm again.
In contrast, a lapse in recovery is where you slip up, you have a moment of intense emotion, you self harm, then you say ‚ÄėOkay, I had a bad moment there, it‚Äôs not something I want to do again, I‚Äôm getting rid of the tools I used, I‚Äôm continuing with recovery‚Äô.

That difference can be huge.

We all have good days and bad days. When the bad days come, know your warning signs and when you absolutely need to bust into coping strategies, get professional help, be hospitalized, or what have you. If you don’t know your warning signs, look through warning sign lists online or ask around with other individuals you know who struggle or from Youtube videos or treatment staff and look at the common hits (if you’re sleeping more or less, if you’re eating more or less, if you’re more stressed out, is there structure to your day or do you have a lot of unstructured time, etc.) and begin journaling and paying attention to what your own warning signs are. A pattern will emerge in time, trust me.

If mental illness is a part of your life, you may know how important it is to gather support from the community, to have professional help that helps you, to surround yourself in positive vibes and having hobbies, coping strategies, work, volunteer work, etc. Some of you may not have a mental illness, but we ALL have mental health. Learning additional coping strategies and packing them into your list of resources is just as important as anything else. We’ve all had different sorts of experiences through our lives, and one thing that works well for me may not work for you, but I do believe wellness, recovery and betterment does exist and can exist in our lives. It takes a lot of work, and even I know that my recovery is only just beginning. And, that’s totally okay. Let’s jump into this, shall we?

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How can DA help you? Le Coping Strategies Swingin' On a Star _revamp_


LIST #1: Called 20 Sober Leisure Activities ‚ÄĒ

Bullet; Pink Acting/dramatics. Bullet; Pink Aerobics Bullet; Pink Archery Bullet; Pink aquariums Bullet; Pink  art appreciation Bullet; Pink arts and crafts shows Bullet; Pink astrology Bullet; Pink auctions
Bullet; Pink backpacking  Bullet; Pink Barbecues Bullet; Pink bicycling Bullet; Pink playing bingo Bullet; Pink bird-watching Bullet; Pink board games Bullet; Pink calligraphy Bullet; Pink book club
Bullet; Pink bowling Bullet; Pink camping Bullet; Pink canoeing/kayaking Bullet; Pink sports: basketball, soccer, football, etc. Bullet; Pink card games Bullet; Pink ceramics, pottery
Bullet; Pink¬†child related organizations Bullet; Pink¬†choir Bullet; Pink¬†coffee houses Bullet; Pink¬†collecting ‚Äď coins/antiques Bullet; Pink¬†community organizations Bullet; Pink¬†concerts
Bullet; Pink crossword puzzles Bullet; Pink word searches Bullet; Pink jigsaw puzzles (physical or on your phone) Bullet; Pink dancing Bullet; Pink designing clothes Bullet; Pink dining out
Bullet; Pink driving Bullet; Pink education Bullet; Pink electronics Bullet; Pink exercising Bullet; Pink exhibits Bullet; Pink fishing Bullet; Pink garage sales/yard sales Bullet; Pink gardening Bullet; Pink genealogy
Bullet; Pink gymnastics Bullet; Pink hair styling Bullet; Pink hiking/walking Bullet; Pink home decorating Bullet; Pink organizing Bullet; Pink horseback riding Bullet; Pink hot air balloons Bullet; Pink  house plants
Bullet; Pink ice skating Bullet; Pink swimming Bullet; Pink going to the beach Bullet; Pink going outside Bullet; Pink having picnics (with friends, family, etc.) Bullet; Pink observing wild life
Bullet; Pink karaoke Bullet; Pink flying kites Bullet; Pink knitting/crochet Bullet; Pink listening to music Bullet; Pink mini golf Bullet; Pink mountain climbing Bullet; Pink movies Bullet; Pink museums
Bullet; Pink musical instruments Bullet; Pink parks Bullet; Pink going to parties or Planning parties Bullet; Pink people watching Bullet; Pink Pets Bullet; Pink ping pong Bullet; Pink plays/lectures
Bullet; Pink quilting Bullet; Pink debates Bullet; Pink reading Bullet; Pink fanfiction ;) Bullet; Pink religious organizations Bullet; Pink roller skating Bullet; Pink school clubs Bullet; Pink shopping Bullet; Pink sight seeing
Bullet; Pink singing Bullet; Pink stargazing Bullet; Pink stenciling Bullet; Pink sunbathing Bullet; Pink string art Bullet; Pink supernatural Bullet; Pink Support Groups Bullet; Pink talking on the phone
Bullet; Pink teaching a skill Bullet; Pink television Bullet; Pink tennis Bullet; Pink touring Bullet; Pink traveling Bullet; Pink video games Bullet; Pink visiting friends Bullet; Pink volunteer work Bullet; Pink weight lifting
Bullet; Pink window shopping Bullet; Pink woodworking Bullet; Pink yard work Bullet; Pink yoga Bullet; Pink doing homework =)


blooming emote (CP)


: Being in the country / driving, walking, being along the country side, farms. : wearing expensive or formal clothes
: taking tests when well prepared : planning trips/vacations : talking to yourself :talking with a friend : buying things for yourself
: giving gifts :hugging someone :rearranging or redecorating your room or home : creating a sensory room/space for yourself
: going to a sports event : reading a how to book or article : reading stories, novels, plays : writing stories, novels, plays xD
: driving skillfully. Biking skillfully : go to the library : breathing clean air : thinking about something good in the future
: completing a difficult task : Laughing : problem solving : baking cookies from scratch : baking in general : cooking
: being at weddings : having lunch with friends : taking a shower : Taking a bath : writing positive affirmations

: being adventurous (especially with friends!) : having a frank and open conversation :working on your job : making snacks
: being helped : helping others : wearing informal clothes : combing/brushing your hair : taking a nap : being in the city
: singing to yourself : making food or crafts to sell or give away : being with cousins :: playing chess or checkers
: putting on makeup : taking off makeup : treating yourself (a dessert, a hobby, etc.) :designing or drafting : visiting people who are sick or shut in : getting in touch with a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while : cheering :reading academic or professional literature : wearing new clothes : sitting in the sun : Just sitting and thinking : seeing good things happen to your friends/family

: going to an amusement park, zoo, carnival : listening to nature sounds : introducing people you think may like each other
: watching the sky, clouds or storms : getting massages/back rubs : getting letters, cards or notes : writing letters, cards or notes (this reminds me of you, Sage :heart:) : Giving  speech : Reading maps : Gathering objects from nature : being in the mountains
: getting a job advancement, promotion or raise (good job! Celebrate it!) : hearing or telling jokes : enjoying beautiful scenery
: improving your health (diet, exercise, wellness) : writing papers, essays, articles : doing a job well (like a boss!) : having spare time : being noticed in a positive/expressive way =D : counseling someone : learning something new! : going to a drive in
: complimenting or praising someone : thinking about people you like : have daydreams : seeing famous people: being alone

~: budgeting your time ~ being praised by someone you admire ~ having religious faith ~ exploring your own spirituality ~ doing a project in your own way ~ Crying ~ Being told that you are needed ~ seeing or smelling a flower ~having plants ~Using perfume or cologne ~ having peace and quiet ~reminiscing on good times ~ getting up early in the morning ~ saying or repeating mantras
~meditations ~ doing favors for people (and also being assertive and say no to things if you need to!) ~ being relaxed ~being asked for your advice or help ~keeping in perspective other people’s struggles ~ sleeping well at night ~being in a therapy or other support group ~ dreaming at night ~ brushing your teeth ~ walking barefoot ~cleaning things ~amusing people ~ being with someone you love ~ going to the hairdresser ~ reading magazines

# sleeping late #starting a new project # giving yourself challenges that you can complete # building or watching a fire # confessing or apologizing # being with happy people :giggle:
# asking for help or advice # smiling at people # watching the stars at night # playing in sand, a stream, the grass # having people show interests in your thoughts # expressing your love to someone # talking about your hobbies or special interests # having coffee, tea with friends #  going to your local cafe #  taking a walk #  playing in the snow #  visiting the cemetery #  being told you are loved #  being proud of family/friends #  thinking about an interesting question #  defending someone #  winning a competition #  making a new friend #  reading cartoons, comic strips or comic books #  looking at the moon #  jump those puddles! #  being aware of your surroundings #  learning about other cultures/countries #  just being with yourself.