When My Strength is Nearly Gone, I Rise to Face the Morning Sun | SADIA2 Day #15 with an IOS

Hey everyone! I would have continued the post for coping strategies today, but I’m running behind from some recent events (last night I had a major crisis) and shopping today with therapy helped a lot, and I haven’t gotten to reviewing the loose piece of paper with my older coping strategies on it, and I’d prefer to write it in my notebook before I publish it as a piece—SO all that said, I’m doing a different piece for today’s #WWRRM.

It’s a song a day!!

Song a day THUMB

There is also a BONUS ARTSY EDITION to this piece, so check it out until the end! Without further ado, I bring to thee, song a day in August! 🙂

Chosen song:

Warrior by Trisha Paytas


Chosen lyrics:

Well, come walk a mile in my shoes
Watch these tears run black and blue
When my strength is nearly gone
I rise to face the morning sun….

So, if my lights start growing dim
And there is no where left to run
You better know one thing for sure
I will be victorious
And if my blue skies fade to black
And if there is no turning back
You gonna see me standing tall
‘Cause you know that I’m a Warrior

If you say this is the end
You should know that I need you…

And if I can’t escape the weather,

Will you remedy the wound?”

Relation to the song:

Trisha wrote this song when she was going through a hard time and it’s a song that I fell in love with when I first heard it and watched her music video for it. You may be familiar with it as I linked to it before from a fanfic that I wrote called ‘Remedy the Wound’ which is a lyric from this song. It was a Loki character exploration fic and the song had inspired me to write it. 🙂

My Artwork! THUMB

Well, that’s not the only artwork I did for it! I also made an IOS (ink on skin) for this piece based on the lyrics:

IMG_00003856 Upd

It’s a tree with a rising sun in the background, green grass, flying birds, a blue sky and the lyrics. These lyrics stand out for me the most because I can really relate to them from the standpoint of recovery and getting through bouts of suicidality. I find the words and Trisha’s voice in this song very soothing and I hope my passion is conveyed in this post!! I really do adore this song. ❤

Here is the in progress work of this IOS:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have this image (its completion) in my phone as the background and yesterday while in crisis I saw it and teared up thinking of this song when it really struck me and I remembered what it said and what it was about (rather than just being a background I’ve seen a hundred times).

Chosen emoticon for this post:

✨ = sparkles!


I hope you enjoyed this special feature of worldwide recovery recognition month! 🙂 Stay tuned for future posts!!!



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