Recovery Restoration Vol. 1 | Day #3 | #WWRRM

Hey guys! Sorry for the late posting again, I’m just barely getting myself to make a post for today both for WWRRM and for blogging in general. I really, really just want to curl up and fall asleep so this post will be kept short! I have my notes done though for the old coping strategies post that I’ll do my best to work on tomorrow. Today was just a blah, lazy day; tomorrow will be busy!

Without further ado, another Recovery Restoration post! This is Day #3:

IMG_7544 Upd

Non-scroll down version:

IMG_7544 Upd

My description on the back reads:

This is a drawing I created in June 2015 after my third hospitalization and some time during my first partial program. I used my Staedtler marker pens to create this piece and the artwork features a raging ocean with a rock formation upon which the figure is strong with their muscles sticking out in a triumphant, accomplished position. There is a large sun and the rising pink sky to add color and focus to the piece.

“STRENGTH” is written out in the sky and my choice to leave white space allows the viewer to imagine light shining down from it.

The climb in recovery will be difficult, and to climb at all shows so much strength. You, too, have this within you.

— Recovery Raquel (Written on April 1.2017)

A blurb on what Recovery Restoration is all about:

“Recovery Restoration is a project I came up with in 2017. During my 6th hospitalization I was sharing my sketchbook with a mental health worker. The worker noted how positive and colorful my artwork was and thought it would make for a great inspiration to others in the hospital. Later, it dawned on me what a fantastic idea Recovery Restoration would be!

Recovery Restoration is about sharing our stories of survivor badassery with each other and how we excel, even in our struggles, on a day to day basis. It is comprised of a photo album with artwork of any style promoting recovery, wellness, support, resiliency and strength, with a description on the back of what the piece means to the artist. The albums will then be donated to inpatient psychiatric units so that others on the inside can be inspired and provided with further means of peer support as they set forth on their own recovery journeys.

I hope that Recovery Restoration can inspire you to choose to live another day and inspire you too to make a difference in this world.

With love, Recovery Raquel”