Recovery Restoration Vol. 1 Day #4 | #WWRRM

Hey guys! So, I kinda owe you guys a life update to mention everything new that’s been going on, but I’ll owe it to you later tonight/tomorrow! I’m heading out to my friend’s grad party at her house soon, so I just want to get this post up before I leave (in case I can’t later).

So here’s Recovery Restoration Day #4 of Volume 1! 🙂

IMG_00000953 Upd

The description:

Another drawing that I made in the span of three days in June 2015. This piece is also from my first sketchbook that I began using as an art therapy/mindfulness perspective to inspire and encourage me in my own recovery.

The phrase says to ‘believe in a better tomorrow’–to hold onto hope that, like the song by the Secret Sisters “Tomorrow will be kinder.” Today may be brutal, but hold onto hope that tomorrow will be better.

There is a rainbow and stars in the sky and the droplets are raining light and hope.

I have also made a painting of this same piece.

It is something I can turn back to and remember where I’ve been, came from and am going.

— Recovery Raquel (Written April 1.2017)

About Recovery Restoration:

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