My Old Coping Strategies Part II | #WWRRM

Hey everyone! I’m back with another regularly scheduled #WWRRM post for tonight 🙂 This one is a continuation to my first general coping strategies list! Check that out either by the WWRRM folder at the bottom of the page or by searching it through my navigation zone 🙂

Thanks for hopping along!!


This post is all about my list of old coping strategies (some you’ll recognize as in use today, but I’m going to make a separate post all about that). These are things that worked for me, and everyone is different so what helps me may not help you, but it’s worth a shot to see if it helps or not! It’s good to have an ever growing treasure chest of coping strategies, as some things may work for a while and then not work later. It’s also good to have a long list of things you can do when in a crisis (practice them when you’re well, though!) so that if one thing doesn’t work you can work your way through the list.

It’s also important to have some more engaging items in your coping strategies, for instance drawing could be a more relaxed and lesser engaging item whereas driving through the countryside is more complicated. Whatever works for you though! 🙂

Onwards, my stallions!

Artwork: Creative writing; drawing from an art therapy foundation; photography; bracelets; positive messages; painting from an expressive therapy foundation; coloring.

Positive messages are little drawings and messages on pieces of torn up paper that I give out to random strangers. 🙂

Meditations:  HonestGuys; ASMR; scary stories; my favorites included: WhispersRed, Heather Feather, Made in France ASMR, ASMRSurge… Lazy Masquerade, Mr. Nightmare, Let’s Read, Be.Busta…

Mindfulness: River, ocean, wind, leaves.

A jumbled list of thought dumping: Countryside. IOS (Ink on Skin) in which I draw on myself in pens or watercolor and create drawings, words or song lyrics.

Scents: body mists, lotions. Lists. Mints. Shopping -> options.

Meaning that just as with shopping where you can buy socks that are big or short, spotted, striped, colorful, grey, etc. there are also many options in life, too.

Singing. Dancing especially with the OCD.

Reading. Bookstore idea. Books: with tips and non-relating.

Comfort foods and drinks: hot chocolate.

Sleep -> When not using to avoid situations.

Scrapbooking. Stickers. Jewelry -> Loki necklace and happy necklace.

Mantras. Music. Laughing. Cute animals. Random online quizzes (I was into Buzzfeed for a while) Support groups. Volunteering. Structure.

Gazebos. Trees. Woods. Weather -> especially warm. Swimming. PING PONG. Tennis. Things that I love. Mango sherbet. Word searches. Hanging out with friends. Dream House. My dreams/goals. Sharing recovery tips. Learning more about mental health.

Milkshakes. Planning/organizing. Pets. Baths. Bath bombs/Lush. Experiencing emotions. Journaling. DeviantART activity. Planning for the future. Vision board. Creating. Clay. Kinetic sand. Dot puzzles. PUZZLES. Video games. Fanfiction. Movies. Youtube. Maxes. Coping Box.

That’s all I got for now! I may do a life update soon or another planner post which I was just tweeting about. I’ll let you guys know, in the next post! 😀

Thanks for reading and coming by, everyone!! ❤ ❤ ❤