Recovery Restoration Vol. 1 Day #5 | #WWRRM

Hey everyone! Going out soon, so here’s a quick post for today in case I’m too tired to make one later! 🙂

IMG_8928 Upd

About the drawing:

This drawing held its origin of inspiration in June 2015. I created it using markers and it depicts a scene of nature where there is a patch of flowers, a tree, sunlight and dark clouds and wind where maladaptive thoughts are passing on the breeze. Despite the thoughts presence, life goes on and the sky is delightfully blue and just as the winds come to pass–so do the thoughts.

To me, this is a more positive depiction of my struggles with mental health conditions, yet it’s also a reminder that everything comes to pass. Stay safe,

— Recovery Raquel

About Recovery Restoration:

Recovery Restoration About Thumb