In which I share my current art ideas | Check-In | #WWRRM

Hey everyone! So, I may have just got done with hanging out at the tea party, slightly, for a couple hours-dancing and everything-so my original post for WWRRM got sidetracked. Hence, why we get this post!

I would just like to chat about what’s been going on lately, and mention some art ideas I have. 🙂 Without further ado…

Life Update Thumb

So one thing I mentioned briefly in a past post is that I’m having some concerns about graduating (probably, possibly and maybe) this year. I’m concerned with leaving behind my good friend and the safety net of the counseling center. My attachment is so much to my friend that I’ve already considered that whole flip on abandonment–like you don’t get to abandon me, I’ll abandon you first kind of thing. At the moment, I still struggle with the idea of losing them and facing all that post-graduate stuff sick or not. I have therapy tomorrow so I can discuss more about these issues as well as some recent developments that happened within it.

I am also thinking that I will make them a picture of broccoli (from an inside joke) and a drawing that I will keep myself to remember them by. That, and of course, all the other things in my life that they’ve impacted and imparted onto me. I try not to think of it too much (which means I do) because it’s still too fresh and upsetting, and I’m just hoping with time that it will get better. It’s so bad to the point that I can’t imagine life without them now. Just like how I was with Steve… I feel as though I will cling to all the memories I have with my friend (good and bad) and read over their texts (I already do this) and their messages online and just get so caught up in the moment that I’ll wind up acting out.

I really don’t want to think of it too much, it’s something I can bring up in therapy tomorrow. I wind up getting all sorts of obsessive and that’s just a train waiting to go downhill.

I had had some help with Twitter friends to help me reframe the situation. They suggested I don’t distance myself prematurely from my friend so as to savor each moment still left with them and talked something about how bright and glow-y our friendship is and that has inspired me to do a full spread drawing of myself and my friend with shiny white-yellow light coming down from above 🙂

I also have ideas about drawing hot air balloons inspired by a starry universe deviantART picture, the broccoli piece, finishing my elephant drawing, finishing a few other song lyric inspired drawings, doing a castle over the hill drawing and more! I wrote them down somewhere, I just forget where lol.

I also want to do another IOS with my rainbow lighthouse. 🙂

I did more fanfic writing today, that new one you guys saw and an update to “A Little Unsteady.” 🙂 I think I will share ALU with you guys here, because I haven’t done that yet and it’s so far 4 chapters long.

Any who, I should head off to bed. I’ll try and find my other art ideas.

I had to return some books today so I’m going to be working on two book reviews by Wed. And pretty soon, it’s gonna be school time again!!

They didn’t have doggy playtime on Sunday which sucked 😦 Sadly. Welp, I have to wake up EARLY tomorrow to transition back to school so, see ya guys later!! 🙂


❤ ❤ ❤

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