Was Lost in Limbo Long Enough for Two, But My Identity was Wasted on You | SADIA2 Day #18| #WWRRM

This is going to be a HEFTY song a day, so strap in your seat-belts ’cause there’s going to be lots of ART and in the making of and MUSIC.

Song a day THUMB

Chosen song:

The Line by The Dear Hunter


Chosen lyrics:

“Heartache buried down below
With your hands tied tight around it
Have a hard time letting go
Like it never even happened

It’s the end of the line For you and I
Don’t make believe we even tried
It’s the end of the line for you And I…

Now we dream
Of bigger things
Now we sing
To set us Free
Was lost in limbo long enough for two (Now we dream)
But my identity was wasted on you (Of bigger things)
Cast out the past like demons ritually removed (Now we sing)
Make way for the awakening, so long overdue (To set us free)”

If these lyrics look familiar–THEY SHOULD! REMEMBER THIS GUY:


If you don’t recall, or you’re new, this piece was made back in January 2017, inspired by the lyrics and depicting a scene of which a person is struggling with their mental health conditions and walks the line of recovery before they decide that their mental health conditions will no longer control their lives, and depart as the end of the line between the two of them. They reach recovery and management of their illness, and even as it’s still with them, the light of recovery overpowers the conditions.

That’s what I thought.


I freakin’ love The Dear Hunter. They’ve inspired legitimately two other artworks besides the one above with this one song. I actually heard this song once when I was doing the dishes and my Mom’s Amazon Alexa Echo thing was playing music by this band. I downloaded it before one of my hospitalizations and fell in love with it in a whole new way when I heard it there. ❤

I would like to shout out some honorable mentions by them:

  1. “The Color Spectrum” album (especially GREEN)
  3. Especially Act V: Hymns with the devil in confessional

And now, I’d like to end with my two other artworks that you guys have NEVER seen before.


I made a whoopsedaises with the pencil sketch as I couldn’t erase it after watercoloring the background so I just had to write over it. Never mind that, though!


Appreciate this piece from ALL of its angles ❤

Oh! And an eye close-up: (I knew I had one!)


The next piece: (my favorite alongside the first one)

IMG_00004208 --IMG_00004210 --IMG_00004211 --

Did a lot of this coloring in work in the hospital so I don’t have the process of too much of it, but I do have the beginnings of both!

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Shit got out of order but I think you’ll enjoy it anyways! 🙂


Chosen emoticon:

😇😇😇 = angels

Okay that was a BIG post, I’m tired now, sleepytime!

*hugs* ❤ ❤ ❤