In Which I’m Running Out of Steam | #WWRRM

Another short post, because I keep breaking my past 8pm blog posts rule.

Basically, I’m starting to run out of steam. We’re closing in on August and the end of #WWRRM, but man, am I running out of inspiration and inclination to blog already. Kinda looking forward to the school year so I can go down to 3-4x/week of blogging.

I did my presentation today for NAMI. That went rather well. I procrastinated a shit ton the day before and inadvertently triggered myself (great, great) and had another nightmare last night and got triggered by that too so there was some HIGH KEY wanting to be dead today but it went away after the presentation.

I took a shower, too which helped for a while. Been laying low on Twitter.

Soooo tired. I gotta go to sleep. I’ll work on some more posts tomorrow. Even a book review.



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