Working on my DeviantART Page | #WWRRM

Hello again! *waves*

I am just waiting for Kaiden to come over as I am writing this post. I just started my period again today so I don’t feel like moving or doing too much, so we’re probably just gonna hang out and color/draw outside in the backyard or more preferably in the dining room on the house’s first floor.

So, it’s nearly 10p now, about six hours since I started writing this post. Kaiden came over and we did color and chat and have dinner that my Mom made and it was very, very fun and cool and wonderful. I got to chat about fanfics and we got to color, the world is right side up again.

I also got to work on my DeviantART account today. That was very cool. I have not spent as much time there as I used to and I think I’ve been missing that subtly for a while now. It felt good to go through my inbox (I’m down to 77 messages now from an inbox that was 500+ before) and to save and delete what I wanted before closing up shop for the day, so to speak.

It’s interesting because I’ve transitioned so much to this blog here that a lot of DA people don’t know the same stuff that’s been happening here over there. So it’s been good so far to update and submit artwork and journal again.

I look forwards to incorporating some of this time and stuff into my semester, probably bi-weekly.

That is about all I wanted to say. Maybe more but I’m tired and ought to go to sleep. I hope I do not pull tonight, and if I do, that I reach for my coping treasures bag.

The end of August is neigh here, and I have plans for each of the last days of this hashtag.

Until tomorrow,

Much love,

— Raquel