Life On the Blog | #WWRRM

Life Update Thumb

Hey everyone!

Quick post here because I am TIRED and want to sleep very, very much so.

Any who, today was a pretty great day! Went to therapy, showed off some artwork, got some more preventative and other art ideas in tow, got praised and you know, good stuff.

DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING AT THE STORE, or stop by any stores so that’s good, too.

My head is itchy as shit ’cause I need to shower tomorrow.

Did some dishes.

Was ACTIVE on DA — made a thread for people to post their artwork so I can practice commenting again 🙂

And yep, that’s about it.

I have plans for the last few days of #WWRRM. And actually posting EARLY in the day. Quite a few goals in mind and some book reviews to work on and all that jazz. I can’t wait until I can drop down to 3-4x a week of blogging, seriously, I need the break!! 🙂

Any who that’s all for now, time for me to rest again. Thank you all!!

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