In which I’m trying not to write a blog post

But it just feels SO WEIRD to not do it. I kinda just want to make a post about how I don’t want or need or have to but want to write a blog post.

Today’s been good! I just finished up a sketch of a new piece. It’s this:


I see it’s still a bit blurry. I will get a better photo on my camera, probably tomorrow. Before I color it for sure.

It’s a conceptual piece. It’s meant to be a self-portrait of myself and the background is all text messages from a good friend of mine that has given me advice during my crises over the last year. 🙂 It’s going to have the girl in color and the text will be black and then the background will be colored too.

I also have this sketch:


Which is meant to be my friend and myself with a bright light above us as a friendship piece because reasons. 😀 He came out looking like my brother and a bit creepy (it’s the smile, I swear) but I’m hoping when it’s colored it’ll do. XD

I’m going to try and read a little of a textbook before bed tonight. I also started working on a letter for my friend Ez, and gotta work on another for Amanda.

I reorganized my desk! And packed more for school. 🙂

That’s about it! I shall probably see you again tomorrow. XD Lmao


Night peeps!!!