Letting Go Of Everything Holding You Back | Poem

*Trigger Warning* Mentions of suicide.

Letting Go Of Everything Holding You Back by Raquel Lyons

You can have all the gifts and love in the world,

And it still doesn’t stop the demons in your head

From coming out to play.


You enter the foyer of the home,

Arms crossed over your bare blue shirt,

And you look out into the blue sky,

Where the stars twinkle their hello’s and goodbye’s

Under the blanket of invisibility.


You stay there for a moment,


As you consider your past experiences.


Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed they say,

The past is a memory,

The future can be planned for,

But this moment is all we have,

And tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.


You squawk at the notion,

How very fitting it would be.


You can’t plan for the future with the demons

Inside your mind,

And you can stop tomorrow from ever coming,

With the swish of your wrist and the angle

Of your brush.


You could end the sentence here,

But rather, you’d like to fill it with a comma


A pause.


That’s all that’s needed.


A pause from hell, from life, from these two places

Being one in the same.


You just need a moment,

To gather your wits,

To exemplify your needs,

To think,

To breathe.


Even if you don’t want to.


So you pause there,

When you’re blowing out your birthday candles

And part of you is screaming inside to die,

You pause.


You think,

You consider.


And you walk away.

Because life is hell,

And death is not freedom.


It’s just the lie your brain tells you,

Even when you’re certain you believe it.


You pick up your bag,

And your art supplies jingle,

And you pray for the strength to make it

Through another day.


Because you’re worth it.

Because you matter.

Because you’ve got the strength in you to

Live this life,

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been given it.


So you walk away.

And you keep walking, until your tears

Melt in the snow,

And you call someone that takes your breath away.


And speaking to them feels like gold glitter is

Spreading throughout your soul,

And laughing with them makes the pain ebb away

Just a little further,

And because leaving them without your spirit,

Breaks you more inside than you care to admit.


So you walk, and walk, and walk,

No longer alone,

Together, instead, with all the other fighting souls in this universe.

Here is a poem I wrote for my deviantART account and inspired in part by Josh Woodward’s Letting Go song (the title), Logic’s 1800 song (tears melt in the snow and throughout the piece with hope) and a tweet I made this morning (first stanza).

Thank you for reading!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I was going to write another one but then the Muse went pooooof! Now it’s time for bed. ❤