Starting Anew

At least with a new semester.

I don’t feel as ready for it as I did back in the end of July. I wish by all mighty I could go back to how I was feeling then and how ready I felt to tackle the semester. ‘Cause now I’m just concerned and dreading it and not looking forward to getting easily overwhelmed.

My back is sore and tired and I’m ready for sleep for that if nothing else. No guarantees that I’ll actually fall asleep right away. My backpack is already HEAVY like rocks which sucks. Maybe I should reconsider getting a locker or something lol. I’m already feeling swamped with some responsibilities and I dread doing badly health wise and inevitably that trickling into school wise. I’m not even sure I’ll wake up tomorrow morning! :S Kinda hoping I have another nightmare as I did last night ’cause it woke me up at 5:34am.

At the same time I’d rather not have to deal with those repercussions. I’m hoping some artwork will hit me for tomorrow.

I did walk with my dad and Mocha today which was nice although I’m almost certain is accounting for my soreness.

I’ve been doing poorly at nighttime lately since Saturday evening. I called a crisis line on Sunday, two actually and that helped a lot. I called another again today and my mom had to remove all the knives from the area. You get the picture, there.

I hope tomorrow is kinder, better, nicer.

I will update as soon as I am able, once I’ve finished schoolwork.

Good night, peeps.

Stay safe. ❤ ❤ ❤