A Post-Production Note

Life Update Thumb

Hi there,

This is a brief post brought to you by the post-production AKA Raquel in Editing Le Youtube Videos to say:

  • I is alive.
  • I haz been well (this week, a stagnant solid 7 out of 10 (10 being the most awesome))
  • I haz been a’making the Youtube videos (two uploaded last week, one in progress now and a few others that are sitting and collecting dust!)
  • I haz been a’doing the Twitter (although for 5 days I was disinterested/unmotivated, but I’m back on track now)
  • I haz been a LITTLE creative (not very much though, sadly)
  • I haz been a doing the YOGA (with my parental)
  • I haz been a’texting. Mostly. I kinda forget though, too. So many friends I haz, man, so many friends….
  • I hasn’t been on DA much. Sad. 😦
  • I have been on the Tube-u-lar very much. Recently watching/reading about the Shanda Sharer case, (murder served cold) which I may have some thoughts about. I also HAVE made like 2 blog posts but never finished them/never got to the drafting phase and am still unsure as to whether or not I will go back to fix them up. I apologize that it’s been so static silent on here for the last 3ish weeks.
  • I haven’t been drawing or coloring lately, grrr.
  • If we consider that mid-July 2017 into August was a great HABIT time for me, I’m still half of where I was before (i.e: Not planning/structuring myself, not doing art regularly, not making Youtube videos, not tweeting, not blog posting, not…you get the picture) So, still have some room to progress and get better, hopefully before and INTO the new year.
  • I haven’t been reading either. 😦 Or doing book reviews (like the pencil work for ’em)
  • I have found some new fanfic reviews, yay! But haven’t written not quite in a while (I wrote a future chapter on the 8th)

I think that’s all I can update ye all with for now. On a time crunch, but I got my other goal done today, to update all of ye! 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

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