To Do List & Future Goals

Hey everyone!!

I think I’m working back into a new system, finally! πŸ™‚ So one of the things I want to do this late evening is make myself a to do list (something for the week). So, here we go!

My To Do List THUMB 11.26

(I legitimately JUST created these two new thumbs today! They’re super gorgeous (I used the templates just screwed with the colors) from Canva! Also, I JUST recognized that they’re a bit larger than the other thumbs, so I’ll work with my other ones too to see if I can use these designs in the smaller version (it’s weird, there’s like a 7 x 5in one and a 14.8 x 10 cm one. I never noticed the difference until just now! Anywho)

  • Work on a new article tentatively titled Maintaining Wellness
  • Prepare for my campus IOOV presentation (song lyrics and notes) on Th 11/30
  • Begin writing in my new mermaid journal with song lyrics (see above)
  • Write more fanfiction (Distorted and Disordered, A Little Unsteady, etc.)
  • Prepare my friend Diary’s first Recovery 101 mail package
  • Send my friend Diary’s card (tomorrow–possibly using the mail office ’cause I put stickers on the card and I think it MIGHT be a little heavier than normal and I’d rather just get it done all at once than have it come back in the mail with problems. See parents about this to figure out if this is necessary or not.)
  • Send some university emails about future classes (internship)
  • Return to typing up pre-written articles
  • Edit old videos and upload them to Youtube
  • Clean/Reorganize/Redecorate my room


Now a list of current goals I have — featuring the second NEW THUMB!

my goals_reaching for the stars THUMB

  • Consider spending a couple hours (~6pm) of the evening at the local library one day this week
  • Attend my facial around 2pm on Tuesday
  • Print out Amazon rental information to mail back rental books on Tuesday (print on Monday)
  • Prepare for a daily blog challenge for the month of December
  • Prepare for and figure out a good vlogging challenge for the month of December (twice or three times a week, something do-able)
  • Continue filling in my planner
  • Attend more yoga classes
  • Create 5 new artworks (creative writing (fanfic/articles), coloring, painting, watercolor, bracelets, scrapbooking, photography, filming) this week
  • Work on 1/4 of a book review
  • Read for pleasure
  • Take a Friday bubble bath πŸ™‚
  • Review Diary’s package things (i.e. read through the literature for my own purposes and because we’ll be sending certain things to Diary)


Journaling THUMB

I……think that’s about it!!

This evening heading towards yoga I was thinking about how… odd the world is. All the things there are to experience in the world–like all the different flavor options at Friendly’s (where we ate dinner) in so many different combinations and the accomplishment that would be to obtain. The way the world works and the languages and cultures and differences AND similarities that all exist around us. It’s…complicated and rather perplexing. How we form our words and worlds and the way we edit out certain troubles or situations, even conversations.

It just made me think.

I think I will be spending some more time on deviantART again too. I think it’d be nice. I got to get better at all this management stuff, hehehe.

And only one way to do that: experience it! πŸ™‚

I’m so glad I’m jumping back into blogging. It felt…like the best and quickest way to sort through my thoughts, and I’m so happy that that flow is back again! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to start daily blogging again πŸ™‚ This is a new goal that I just thought of, perhaps even TODAY. YAY!

So, welcome back or hello if you’re new. I hope you enjoyed this post!

I want to go make more thumbs. πŸ™‚

Love you, peeps.

❀ ❀ ❀

PS I just added the journaling thumb and ohmygoooood I LOVE how more organized and structured it makes the post. TO CREATE MORE NEW THUMBS IT IS. I just LOVE it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

PPS I wonder if I should create a folder just dedicated to daily blogging? Hmmm….

PPPS I listened to Attention by Charlie Puth during this and it was a PERFECT neutral song to listen to. YAY.

PPPPS I have ideas for the next new mental health related music sharing song a day things. πŸ™‚


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