Of A Short Post

DailyDecemberBlogging THUMB - 12.1.17

Hey everyone!!

So, you probably saw my long nearly 2,500 word post as a letter to a popular Youtuber. Because of that, and because I want to take more time for myself to work on a film review that I just watched today (and really enjoyed; I made notes during it) I’m going to just have this as today’s daily post and the film review set to come out tomorrow. I’m even thinking of handwriting it so that would be extra good. 🙂

I also JUST realized that my next psychiatry appointment is on the day I was considering going up to school to attend the Secret Santa event happening in the Mass Media. I may either call up my provider tomorrow to just re-schedule for a different day or maybe just go up on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m not sure which yet.

I’m trying to get myself to moving just a little bit more each day to doing something new/doing something I’ve been avoiding.

I actually opened up my journal today, which is a step in the right direction. It was to type up my pre-written articles but I didn’t quite make it THAT far, oops. ^^’

I did a little Mocha shoot for today’s photo challenge (day 10). I also found out yesterday that I mislabeled a folder set but I fixed it now. I’ll be choosing out my nominations of the challenge and maybe even out-putting each day’s featured picture, either with or without a description, I’m not sure, hehe.

I think I’m gonna be able to go all December with daily photography–which is freakin’ awesome, as I’ve been putting off photography for ages over the mental health years (3). I’m happy to say that with the swing of things I can indeed jump back into it with ease. It’s also about looking for photogenic opportunities and following up in that moment to taking a photo. And re-creating/re-shooting old ideas. 🙂

You’ll see what I mean in the future. 😉

Okay, I’m going to color and listen to more creepy-pastas.

I hope you guys are having a good week!!


❤ ❤ ❤

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