Of A Time Scramble

DailyDecemberBlogging THUMB - 12.1.17

*swoops into the scene like a Jedi*

Why hello there!

Welcome, welcome, everyone!

I hope that you are doing just SPECTACULARLY SNAZZY today, on this late, nearly 10pm EST evening.

I hope there are baskets of hugs (note: they’re loose limb arms) accompanying you onto this blog post today and there are many rays of sunlight filtering through the tree branches (my most favorite photography venture, although I’ve only ever captured it a few rare times myself).

Today’s post is brought to you byyyyy I didn’t do my note-taking for the film review in handwritten form on blank paper so I’m just writing this post to be another filler oops.

I will say though that today has been one HELLUVA day.

I’ve officially decided to film every day for a week now (yay!). Some of that is creating cushion space with old videos to update, edit and upload to Youtube as I also make NEW content to output later on. Probably a good way to wrap up the year, yay!

I just managed to do my photography of the day legitimately like twenty minutes ago. I’m now working on the blog post of the day and I did a snazzy video timelapsed and shit about winter clothing with some nice overlay of music by The Dear Hunter. Basically, that’s my life.

Legit though, the idea occurred to me this afternoon to film my going through my clothes which was a stroke of SHEER GENIUS because it was what I needed to motivate me and get my ass out of my warm and cozy bed (’cause before then I was just watching Youtube videos on my phone curled up under the covers). A better use of time, for sure.

I am on the hunt for creating more quality content, it’s a thought at least so that’s good. I’d like to up my quality for camera-ness (I just use my webcam) and editing software-ness so one day, one day that’ll happen!

Isn’t the first step being aware that you have a problem?

You bet your ass it is!

I may turn this December into a Vlogmas if I decide to feel especially dandy. It’d give me something to do, buahahah.

I love that I’m starting all these great habits. 🙂 I HAVE OTHER IDEAS FOR VIDEOS NOW TOO BUAHAHHAHAHAH

Any who, I’ll probably tweet about that now so I can go to bed soon. 🙂

Good night, folks!!

❤ ❤ ❤

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