Of Newly Edited Videos

DailyDecemberBlogging THUMB - 12.1.17

2 days left.

2 days left to make videos every day and upload every day until I can stop doing it, PHEW!

I’d say that doing these challenges really gets the gears in my head moving because I have to continuously think up NEW and improving content for all the different (three) platforms I’m working with. Which, really, is a pretty good thing.

I like how it feels to juggle around these self-imposed challenges. I am getting curious-er and curious-er about what it’d be like to have a DAY OFF though, ahaha. It does help me though as I realize more and more each day HOW MANY things I want to continue including and incorporating into my life (AKA reading books, reading fanfiction, various art forms, filling in daily writing prompts and workbooks) that at the moment I haven’t made much progress in but each day and each moment I grow closer and closer to MAKING PROGRESS.

For instance, I had a glass and spoon in my room for a solid week and each day I would put off the accomplishment of putting it away (into the sink downstairs) as I grew closer and closer to doing so. Then there was a second glass and I put that one away, and then finally I picked myself up by the boot straps and decided IT WAS THE DAY.


Any other thoughts I’ve had for today have kinda dissipated.

So, with that said, it’s bedtime. My body is sore and wants to rest, very, very much.

Good night, peeps!!

❤ ❤ ❤

PS I totes got this cute little notepad for “Badass ideas” and a little coloring book from a friend for Secret Santa today 🙂 I also made 5 stationery packs and gave them away to strangers. (plus 2 cards). Very tired. Beep!

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