In Which an Anonymous Reader wrote an Article About Me

Just came across a message relating to some Internet drama that reminded me of this article. It was very lovely to read again and I am still so honored and grateful for it being written and published. It’s reminded me of the power I stand in and the light I can shine moving forwards. I’m actually excited to work on new articles again (definitely doing a treatment 101 series) and maybe I’ll start that up again this week.

With love, be good to yourselves. ❤


I have the video of me reading this article here (but I will also be writing out the text here too):

It’s titled:

In Response to Campus Advocate Raquel Lyons

Dear Mass Media,

For over a year I’ve read the column of your writer Raquel Lyons as she chronicles her life with obsessive compulsive disorder and suicidal ideation, a personal journey she leverages to encourage wellness on campus. Besides Craig Bidiman from University Health Services, Raquel is probably the most prominent mental health advocate in our student affairs.

Significantly, she explains the counseling services specific to the University of Massachusetts Boston, thereby drafting an action plan for any student afflicted with a disorder, or stretched too thin by lack of sleep and stress of deadlines. Because Raquel shares her experience, she provides context to more comprehensively understand the nature of the different support services.

Over the course of many installments…

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