A Post on What’s To Come | #WWRRM 2018


It is that time of year again!!

This is officially the second year I will be hosting ‘Recovery to Wellness’s’ Worldwide Recovery Recognition Month or WWRRM (I swear, I’ll probably find a better hashtag for it possibly within this year’s cycle.) The above thumb is the first thumb I created for this month’s celebration of recovery and wellness back in 2017. Of course, our mascot is this appreciative unicorn still:


What will WWRRM include this year?

Well, I can tell you right here, right now! This is a rough draft and raw version of the to do list I want to incorporate into this year’s celebrations:

  1. NEW “Song a day mental health challenge” songs including (“Sober” by Demi Lovato; “Recovery” by James Arthur; “Praying” by Kesha; “Brave” by Sara Bareilles; “Have it All” by Jason Mraz and more!)
  2. A 2018 version of the Recovery A – Z challenge (featuring my perspective from 2017 with my commentary of where I am now in 2018. This means I will cover the original topics, additional topics with different letters and new topics so that I can officially complete the challenge!)
  3. Educational posts (perhaps researched topics (at the end of August) or advocacy of my own experiences and lessons learned lectures (L3) and possibly videos from my YouTube channel (under the name ‘RecoverytoWellness’))
  4. New articles for the fall semester (including: “What Stability Taught Me”; “Treatment 101 series” (hospitalizations, medications, DBT, ECT, ERP, day programs, resources, etc.))
  5. A daily black&white photograph for the black&white photography challenge. The original rules are to not include people and to have no description–both of which I will ignore. 🙂 The first entry will be at the end of this post!!
  6. ART and LOTS OF IT. Art is a central theme to my recovery and maintaining my wellness so I will return to the roots of this blog and making sure I share and spread my artwork around more in regularly themed posts (including but not limited to coloring pages, scrapbooking, creative writing (fanfiction), sketches, crayon/watercolor/painting works, bracelets).
  7. Hauls, although they may seem unrelated I think they’re an integral part of this blog and getting cute stuff is something to live for, you know? I have some posts I can make about these from recent things I bought as a reward for completing my schoolwork’s project. (Stay until the end and you’ll see a sneak peak to some fabulous journals!)
  8. Glimpses of past artworks and predictions/re-evaluations of future art projects. (Think #RecoveryHome, Recovery Restoration, my novel etc.)

Additional but unrelated posts you may see:

  • Book reviews (I’m very behind on these but maybe I can be extra awesome and start sharing what I’ve written down previously and spend time uploading and updating you all in my book adventures)
  • Film reviews (another neglected category, see above)


For now, that is all I can think of!! Don’t be surprised if you see some new thumbs lingering around in the future of this month! I am also half-way through my online summer course (surprise, if I didn’t mention it before, I am now!) which is on cancer biology and if you want to see more of my play-by-play of dealing with that you can follow me on Twitter (@RecoveryRaquel)! Twitter is like a land of super tiny, little blog posts. I will also try to be more active on this platform as much as I can while I’m juggling my recovery, my 3 day a week day program, DBT-I homework from there and actual homework from my class, preparing for the fall semester (my final one!!) and doing as much art as I can here and there.

Thank you so much for reading!! I promise I will do better with responding to comments and making time for you guys again. I’ve missed you, dearly. ❤ ❤ ❤

Your reward? This fancy photo of journals!


This was just captured on my phone; a better photo will come one of these days this month!

My submission for the Day #1 daily photography challenge in black&white:


This was taken at program today, it’s a potted plant with a little seedling inside. Originally shot in color on my phone but I changed it to black&white on my computer. Take from it what you will. ❤

It’s time for me to head to sleep, fill out my diary card, planner and journal!

Thank you all so much for reading, viewing and sticking around with me. You are loved. You are important. Your life matters.

Thank you for existing. ❤ ❤ ❤

See you tomorrow!