Of Which I Rave About Photos of The Mokeys


With my energy depleting for the evening, I’d still like to share this post with you all before I write up my scheduled #WWRRM post (for the daily blogging in August theme) and before I share my OFFICIAL image of the Mokeys for my daily photography challenge this whole month! (I will include the ORIGINAL photograph within here but save the black&white version for the following post!) With that said, let’s begin!!

So, within this post I’m going to include some of the ‘dud’ images as a way to represent how in photography (and art in general) some times things don’t quite work out the way you planned. Sometimes our subjects move (especially animals!), sometimes borders are uneven or horizons are uneven (as is often the case with water photos), sometimes the lighting just isn’t the greatest or the shots are unfortunately blurry. And sometimes, when you persevere and continue snapping shots, you get some real, real amazing GEMS. Such is the case in this post.

I took out the Mokeys (my doggo Mocha who is a year and a half old-ish! And she’s a Labrador retriever, blue tick heeler,  maybe some pit bull mix doggo with gorgeous gray eyes! If you’ve been following me for long, you’ll know that we got her back in June 2017–anywaaaaays) for her to go potty outside and I was eyeballing some potential photo shoot ideas with my hazel eyes. (Ideas including a bird bath with a little wire fence before it, later a feather and shadows/light from the trees out on the driveway and some flowers–all ideas that I wrote down in my main journal (and that I’ll shoot later this month)!)

I believe it was after  this that Mokeys came back inside and went to the small back porch in our down downstairs living room and it gave me a terrific photo idea. So I shot up the stairs twice to my room, grabbed my camera and told Mokeys to stay put as I ventured through the garage back outside.

I climbed the stairs to the small porch, right by the dripping water of the A/C up upstairs in my Mom’s bedroom, and started snapping photos of the Mokeys on the glass sliding door from which she sat behind back in the house.

It was at about 5:30p when I started the shoot, and initially I started with some black&white photography shot on Av but with Mokeys sometimes moving I got a lot of blurry photos and wasn’t too impressed. So I switched to ‘sports’ mode and figured I could change it later to black&white. These resulted in many lovely photos.

It was a little tricky as Mokeys was lying on the mat and sometimes moving away from me and the camera, so I had to knock on the glass to get her to move or come back or do something cute (she got two bonesies for her participation later!)

I was initially going to go back inside (it’s stuffy, humid and hot out) soon after about twenty shots were made, but decided to stay a little longer, even when my ankles ached and my calves hurt from how I was scrunched up there.

I’m SO glad I did! Because I got some AMAZING shots out of this!! So good in fact that I plan to re-shoot this both with Mokeys and as some self-portraits. 🙂 So with that said, enjoy the photos below!! I will caption a few, probably, starting with my MOST FAVORITES, my otherwise ‘I want to share these on my blog’ photos and then the duds. Hope you enjoy!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ (And again, the traditional #WWRRM post will come just after this one with my specific black&white photo for daily photography included there)

IMG_9628 ==xxxx

Honestly, this photo is so beautiful it makes me tear up!! The reflections are soooo amazing and I love the way Mokeys eyes/face are appearing here. This was a TERRIFIC shot, I’m so glad I was able to capture it!! I just love the whole trees involved and the sky and the perspective. What do you think?? I also managed to capture her ear and nose. (As seen below) 🙂

IMG_9627 ==x

Nosy Mokeys! Again, I just find this amazing. 🙂 ❤ I managed these shots by lowering my camera towards my knee causing me to not see the screen as much and just hoping something good came of it! Gladly, it did!!!

IMG_9629 ==xxxx

And then there’s Mokeys ear as she was turning away from me. I think it makes for a neat set of images: eyes, nose, ear. There’s something magical and metaphorical about them, I feel! When I was more active on DA I would often include poems or short stories with my photos–and I feel that same vibe occurring here!! When (if) I do that, I’ll make sure to share it with you guys here on WordPress.

I personally feel that these three are my most professional and well-done photographs. I just LOVE reflections and I’ve admired this type of effect on others’ works on DA before, so it’s amazing to find a way of replicating them in another way just as uniquely. 🙂 And for myself! I’ve also written down that art idea in the third caption so hopefully one day I can update you all with what I came up with! I’ll probably include it later with posting onto DA (as in, I may post these pictures first then later include a poem/link back to them or something).


IMG_9605 --

I actually quite enjoy this one too! She’s so pretty and I love the sort of ‘fenced in’ or ‘caged in’ representation here from the door. 🙂 (I had to edit the bottom border here as I suddenly realized you could see more of my location than what I’m comfortable with you all knowing! Good foresight on my part, probably from just Googling my blog’s name! PHEW!)

IMG_9603 -x

This tends to be how Mokeys looks over Galaxy (my Chinese hamster) when she’s babysitting him when he’s out of his cage.

IMG_9606 ==


IMG_9608 --

I don’t need a caption to this one but I am having technical difficulties, annoyingly.

































IMG_9609 --xxx

I caught Mokeys yawning! 🙂 She’s so cute!

IMG_9610 --xx

Squinty Mokeys! I enjoyed some of these shots with her ears back. 🙂

IMG_9614 --xx

A good capture of how happy Mokeys tends to be. ❤

IMG_9618 --xxx

I know there’s a lot going on, but I do enjoy this one, too! Maybe it’s like her life of being with us as a family is flashing before her eyes? 😉

IMG_9636 --

A little less reflections and more full-on Mokeys. ❤ So precious!

IMG_9642 --

I snuck myself into the shot!!! The photo with me smiling in it was kinda creepy so instead you get a shot of my head XD

IMG_9580 --xxx

It’s like seeing Mokeys in a different light. She only kept this pose for a few seconds, so I feel lucky to have captured it, her eyes tilted up just slightly.

IMG_9619 ==xx

It’s like I have a Mocha coming out of my camera!! XD











If there’s a weird, random horizontal bar on the bottom of this page, yeah, I don’t know why it’s there either. Okay, just a few duds now! Because I want to publish this SOON so I can officially do today’s post! (and it’s getting late)

IMG_9522 prelim.

This was my first shot of the shoot.

IMG_9533 okay

This one is okay, maybe a little blurry.


I minimized the hot mess of this shot, you’re welcome.

Any who, THAT IS ALL. I hope that you enjoyed these photos. It’s 9p now, so it’s time for me to work on my DAILY BLOGGING OFFICIAL post so I can go to bed REASONABLY late.

Thank you so much for viewing and coming by!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Mokeys sends you love and lickies!!

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