A Glimpse Into My Weekend | #WWRRM


A short post for today because I am tired again and want to head to sleep very soon.

So, for now, here’s a glimpse into what my weekend will be like and a little bit about how my Friday went. Photo of course at the end.

I feel bad if I don’t make a post for today while also feeling bad for getting sushi because I felt bad because I fell asleep for 2 hours this evening and missed doing coursework but I’m also very tired and still have to fill out some things so this is all I’ll say:

  1. I found all of my references (10 minimum, got 11) for my second project (on apoptosis) for my couse
  2. I couldn’t really read much today so after I woke back up I worked on the project
  3. Even though I ate today more than I initially recalled I was still super hungry for dinner so I got myself some sushi (salmon) and mango juice
  4. A pulled a little bit just now from my left brow mainly because I was having dry skin around my brows.
  5. I’ve also eaten some candy already for the evening and will be tracking increase of candy consumption before I fall asleep to see if there’s any evidence to compare to nights and circumstances when I pull from trichotillomania or not
  6. Tomorrow I have a NAMI IOOV and I did finally email my co-presenter asking about the setup for it (we have to be re-trained this year) and it’s the same as always, hasn’t changed yet, so I have to just fix up a couple things for that presentation.
  7. Because I have an IOOV I will be out of work for a bit Sat, but I hope to achieve my soft deadline of Sunday all quizzes done and Tuesday hard deadline all quizzes done
  8. I want to keep working on my project to read over everything, create my MLA formatted references list, start reviewing and thinking up diagrams and how to approach the art portion of the project and what I’ll be writing about to explain the project. (two pages)
  9. Mokeys was a bit sick Thursday so I’m not sure if I’ll be taking her to doggy playtime this Sunday but if I do (and even if I don’t) I’ll be hanging out with Kaiden and working on homework later when my parents are out of the house.
  10. I started a new watercolor piece today on blank paper and am pretty excited about that
  11. I wish I could have done more today–I knew falling asleep was a bad idea. This always happens to me around finals–I just run out of steam, so another way I can look at today’s losses is that I needed a break to just do something else for a while and take care of myself effectively.

With that said, here’s today’s photo:

IMG_0125 -- - Chosen

And that’s all I got.

Until tomorrow. 🙂 ❤