After My #RealOCD Video


I only JUST now remembered I was supposed to write up a blog post following my video upload. Lol

Here’s my submission for 2018’s #RealOCD campaign founded by the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF):

I included a photo of myself in the thumbnail from a summer shoot that I did this year 🙂

It’s actually a decently short video (for my standards) being 10 minutes long and just discussing what some of my experiences have been with OCD on self-harm and suicide obsessions that have expanded into secondary depression and now borderline tendencies. :3

I filmed four takes of the video, the first video being 2 minutes long and the third four minutes long, or something like that. I filmed two 10 minute length ones and wound up using my final piece as the chosen and lightly edited video.

I edited around 7p and fixed up the rest of the thumbnail until about 8:30p (more detail can be found on my Twitter account if you’re interested in a cohesive time rundown) and then uploaded it online by 9p.

I didn’t trigger myself which is awesome and I did film another video for an article read out that I’ve also added my own commentary towards so that’s neat, too.

I filmed with really nice lighting as well and strangely enough although my back light was on in the video and didn’t seem to contribute much, when I turned it off the video got a lot darker, so it actually was helping after all!

It’s 10:30EST now, so I have to go to sleep, but I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. More coursework tomorrow, some art and hopefully some reading and such and I’ll be back around next time.

Much love and light to you guys!

❤ ❤ ❤

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