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Hello everyone!

Welcome back, it’s been a while.

Sorry about that! I’ve largely been busy with school which really means that I’ve been procrastinating like crazy from school but I’m gearing up towards my final semester in college (the event countdown to the right of my blog is for that, but it’s even LESS days than 30) where I’ll actually, finally and amazingly, be graduating with my BS in Psychology! Which is amazing and wonderful and sad and exciting all at once.

It’s come to my attention and my gradual acceptance that I have an unhealthy relationship with the Internet. So I’m hopeful that through time in the future, I’ll be able to better prioritize what I use the Internet for with the dreams I have to accomplish things.

Also, I’ve been writing PLENTY of articles, I just got backlogged with uploading them on here. So that will resume likely over this long weekend coming up.

But, as for the title, I have changed in many a ways and my blog layout specifically no less. Someone had commented asking whether I’d consider changing my layout (it was originally Hemingway Rewritten) and I thought about it and realized I hadn’t played around with the layout of my blog since I started my blog on WordPress two years ago (and a little over).

So, thinking that the change could be good for me (and get me back into blogging), I decided to change it.

Now I’m working with (it took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to find the title of this current theme, lol) Penscratch 2.

I’ve customized it, of course, to fit more into my liking. It’s cool because you can add a logo to the top of the page, which I’ve supplied my “RecoverytoWellness” lighthouse logo that I use on my Youtube channel and I just changed a couple of new things (I made the majority of these layout changes this past Saturday).

Initially, since I added the logo to the top of the page I was having my name listed in cursive underneath it and then the slogan below that but I just altered it to be swapped as I like the title of the page being my slogan more than being my name.

The header image I initially had this picture:

IMG_8799 --

And while I do enjoy it, and it fit with the blue border I have around the site, and it’s a nice photography throwback to concepts I enjoyed in my younger years and did many a photo series with–I felt that it didn’t really fit with my current identity.

So I tried this one but it was too much of my face for my liking (and as a stand alone piece it does better than being a header image):

IMG_7753 --

Then I tried a couple different thumbs that I’ll be using in my Youtube videos:

be your own hero-you deserve it - 8.1.18

Leaving Sparkle - THUMB 10.6

But the bottom one was too much white that clashes with the rest of the white and while the hero one was okay it still just wasn’t the right “fit.”

So then I explored some other newer photos I took this summer and this is the one I decided to keep, something I feel fits more of my identity today:


I enjoy this piece a lot, it’s also like a throwback to another photo session I had with myself a few years ago and it has a lovely (blogging, actually) journal with a good message that I resonate with in my soul, you know? I also think the positive anonymity here works wonders, too. 🙂

So I’ve been doing, you know. Getting through each day and mainly tweeting about my life there. Speaking of, I added some widgets to my new layout with a view counter, the countdown of events, pictures of blogs I follow and my active Twitter feed.

The main text is officially main text, each title has that cursive script and while the main text is a little large, it’s a lot better than the super tiny one. So now my words really can leap from the pages whereas before they were like hidden gems.

I may still change the background color but for now, it’s blue (maybe it’ll become teal though!) and this is where I’m at.

Life’s been really, really good to me lately. I averted a crisis last week which is the first in a long time. I have DBT-Intensive homework to BS my way through for tomorrow and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’m hoping to do some more schoolwork and fun activities while I try and tackle my unhealthy Internet addiction. Ironically, being on the Internet less will help me create more for later consumption placed on the Internet by myself.

Today I had a biology exam, I did okay thus far. But I’ve been re-reading my fanfiction stories and I love them so much. All the feels, for sure! And I’m hoping to do more book reading, book reviewing, blogging, filming, art and more over the next few months. I still have to come up with a reward for myself for graduating–not sure what just yet.

But for now, that’s all I’ve got for the time I have at the moment.

My final for bio is Dec 20th. My final project/paper for psych is Dec 13th. Next week is busy with appointments but I’ll try to stop by a few times this weekend with article updates and things to that nature. If anything interesting happens I’m sure I’ll hit Twitter, and if something really intriguing happens I’ll be sure to update with another blog post. 🙂

Any who, time to update some more of my fanfic/read my fanfics over again.

I hope you guys are well!

Much love and light to you all. ❤ ❤ ❤ xxx

And happy holidays!!

PS For articles I will be wrapping up my legacy/ending off the semester, more TM 101 stuff, a commentary on the evolution of my articles and a few others. 🙂

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