The Walk of Legends | Poetry

poetry = 1.10.19 thumb

The sun shines with brightness,

I walk with my head uplifted–

> standing tall though lopsided,

> scoliosis has once wreaked havoc on my body.


But now the sun is filtering through the green branches–

> I am scared of death

> And yet enthralled by it.


I write creatively as a passion–

> as a way to cope with the shadows that

> dare to extinguish my soul.


But they cannot break my spirit–

> they cannot hold power over me

> for I am now all powerful.


I smile a smile large and wide–

> the one that once hid a thousand tears.


But now it is a smile of joy

> Of true stability.


The night is not without darkness,

> Yet the moon and stars still shine.


I am one with the Universe,

> Finding meaning in all its crevices.


This solar system was made to

be glimpsed by me.


I see with sparkle,

> With glitter

> and rainbows.


Unicorns exist

> as do rainbow lighthouses

in my vision.


I craft Recovery personas,

>  bursting with projects and ideas

I wish to unveil to the world.


My quest is noble.

> My courage unafraid.


I think not of what people think of me.


I am simple authentic–

> take it or leave it.


I am not as fragile

> as I fear to be.


I am strong,

> I am wise.


I am creative,

> I am a beacon.


And I will shine and shine again

> because I know it matters.


I know that I matter.


And with hope,

> and with help,

I will help others

> to help themselves


just as I was once inspired to do.


Stay safe and remember,

> We are survivors radiating badassery.

Heyyyy everybody!!! Sorry it took me so long to get this poem up for you guys (like an entire week), I’ve not been up to very much this weekend, mainly just watching Youtube videos and vegging out. I’ve had writer’s block again for the better part of the week so unfortunately I’m still trying to overcome that. It turns out that WordPress doesn’t like to maintain my tabbed over sentences so I had to be a bit creative by adding in the “>” sign where it’s indicative of a line placed further to the right than the left abiding lines.

Any who, I wrote this poem last week in art therapy group at program after we were read a long poem entitled “Therapy”. We had to come up with something in response to its words and this is what I came up with. 🙂

This piece was written January 7.2019.

I plan to have more posts to come soon!!

Love you guys & stay safe! xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

Let’s hope my writing vibes come back full swing soon! 😛 Tomorrow in fact is open art day. Also, I have been neglecting editing videos so I want to focus on that this week and I’m planning to donate some validating, positive and pro-recovery cards to Unit Z this Th, so I have like 30 more to make before I drop them all off!! More on that soon. ❤ Thanks for reading!!

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