All About My Fanfics | PART 1

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How do you guys like the new thumb? I JUST finished making it and it’s currently almost 7p on January 17th 2019. πŸ™‚

I have to break for dinner momentarily but I wanted to start writing this post as I’m just really in the mood to write and I want to talk about my fanfics–so what better idea than to combine the two and make a blog post out of it? πŸ˜€

In this post, I want to share with you all all of my fanfics ideas. I created this list on fancy stationery paper about a year and a half ago. I went to the library one day and just wrote out everything that was in my head. I currently have about 6 or 7 stories ongoing and a few on hiatus, with PLENTY of other ideas that have yet to be written or are abandoned (momentarily) and have to be completed. I will also include the BONUS fanfics regarding House MD (2) and a crossover, but more on that later. Here is the image again, I believe I posted about it before when I made previous posts about my fanfics (you can check out those here: 2 Cover Arts and Summaries for a few stories, An Unseeing Shadow fic in Full & Worth It One-shot & possibly a few blurbs in other posts that I don’t feel like digging for), but it’s been a while so I will refresh all of our memories and post it again here:


Image 1 where I was at the library working on these notes. Most of what I’ll refer to in this post is the title, summary, and what I needed for the stories. πŸ™‚ You’ll see more below!


17 pages front and back of notes and information, with some additional notes elaborated in other notebooks and journals. It’s also an ongoing list. And possibly I left out some that I’ve now thought of since….

So, with that out of the way, let’s begin!!! (If particular stories have cover arts, which I know I’m still sitting on 2 of the 4 I made before in the hospital at Unit Z, I MIGHT try and include them unless this post won’t be able to fit into being uploaded today, of which I may forgo them for now and add them into a new post in the future. I’m not sure yet. Fuck it, I found them, I’ll put them up! :P) PS I will try and include my newest profile picture that I made yesterday on Canva for & AO3 below, too, if I remember!

WARNING: These notes are extensive and separated by each individual story, if you do not wish to find out spoilers for the stories, watch for the bold text.

To begin, the title for these papers is:

Organizing Work In Progress Fanfics.

I began this document of organization back on June 6. 2017.

1. “If I Only Could” ; 5/8/2017

(This story has a picture, of which I’ll post at the end of this block. The date next to each title is when I thought of the idea approximately!)

About: Inspired by Track & Field’s “Running Up That Hill” cover (love this song!) Thor and Loki fan video by gabygal7. An Alternate Universe in which Loki & Thor swap places to live each other’s lives in a freak accident when they stumble upon a magical gem in a cave. The switch is temporary so that they can understand each other’s POV. Pre-Thor. Include within initial chapters the inspiration with particular lyrics. Also think: Freaky Friday inspiration.

What I need: Background details to begin story; reasons why this is necessary/needed for the characters; how does this happen?; how does it end.when do they learn the lesson?; how many chapters? ~10?; explore all necessary details and have fun with it.

Present Day Commentary: For a while, I wondered how exactly this would work as a plot line and I only just settled upon the notion a few days ago that it would be their souls that swap places within each other’s bodies but that what thoughts would normally go through their mind would remain within those bodies–like, Thor’s soul will be in Loki’s body but Thor will bear witness to what Loki’s mind thinks of himself and the world around him. I don’t know, maybe that’s obvious from the idea itself but it always bothered me that I couldn’t quite figure that out. I’m hoping to start this fic actually soon.

The idea for this story came after I stumbled upon the fanvideo and it got my gears turning! So, it’ll have been a long time coming! πŸ™‚

Cover art:


Drawn totally in crayon/pencil from when I was at Unit Z. Specifics for the date when I drew this, well, I’m not going to dig up the original file in person so we’ll just have to go by when I took the photo in July 2017.

2. “Wounded Yet Healing” ; 3/2/2017

About: Character play with Loki & Thor and a SHIELD agent Original Character named Janice. Just a one-shot about an injured Loki hiding his wounds until they’re discovered and mended. Implied character growth. Set in an unknown AU. Specifics don’t really matter.

What I need: Goal set in mind to finish the one-shot; observational skills of body language and micro-expressions; focus to finish; the imagination and creativity to have fun with it; keep in mind title to guide the piece (written on paper).

PD Comm.: I actually remember that I have started this fic, I believe in handwriting if I’m not mistaken. I think I have the original papers somewhere lost in my fanfic folder. This is also a pretty good highlight of how I don’t nowadays in the last few years (5 or so) figure out all the plot lines and characters beyond the main plot. Like, I just dump characters into a space and time and don’t explore or elaborate on what led them to that point and go beyond following the details. I guess, I just don’t have a complete rounded out versions of stories anymore. There are probably plot holes and lapses of time that go on in my stories. Of course, I’m trying to explore and expand on that a little more with some of my stories, not all, but some (CtP). This idea is a good representation of how I just create some things without getting muddied in all the nitty gritty details (which is ironic for how detailed I write as it is when it comes to body language and scene making, ahaha.) But yeah, I just thought I’d say that. πŸ™‚

3. “Lead Me Home, Brother” – May 2017

*This story has cover art.

About: Inspired by hearing on the radio the solo version of “See You Again” by Charlie Puth and having taken aging course in uni. Include some inspired lyrics through the chapters. Not a long fic, about 4 chapters long. About 2 chapters with Loki dead and Thor temporarily and the opposite where the song is included and each brother gets to speak with the other and convinced to go back to living. Like a hurt & comfort/angst fic. Consider naming chapters for better clarity: which brother and line inspiration from song.

What I need/Work through: A title; category decision (Avengers); Thor ??, Loki -> take place on Midgard, loose enemy to Avengers even with Thor’s passing; consoling brothers; think of the aging/dying process and course material (inspired from this); consider my own existential and mortality questions and concerns; lyrics to include’ setting up details and how to include all the moving parts especially with the characters involved; Thor -> to awaken amongst Avengers; Loki -> trickier, more set up beforehand. Mortal? Demigod? Impact of losing Thor; emotions then how he gets sick and passes, the conversation they have and him returning. Open ended if he changes or continues his mischief with the Avengers? Maybe mocking Thor’s grave to the Avengers even as he brings flowers there regardless? Maybe a smile to Avengers as Loki disappears with his magic.

Title Brainstorm; 6/14/2017:

Without You; The Return; Returning; Left Me when I needed you the most; Always gonna hurt; Feeling so cold; Waiting for you; Home; Let the light guide your way; Holding…

PD Comm.: I have actually started this fic but it’s on the back burner for now. I’ve written out all the lyrics to pick from in my marble notebook where I incidentally wrote SWC and will write IYIB. But besides the first chapter I haven’t explored it much since. It’s cool to see more of my thought processes and writing out the plot and figuring things out though. πŸ™‚ I think it’s more realistic that this story will be 6 chapters long, instead. I have the first chapter up on for sure, not sure about AO3. Not yet, at least. πŸ˜‰

Cover art:


Looks like this was drawn/colored in crayon back in June 2017. πŸ™‚ Bottom right corner I can just make out the dates.

4. “____________” (Untitled) ; May 8.2017

About: Inspired by daily prompt of 5/8 “Bitter”. Random fanfic just to do some character study and explore this old daily prompt. Could do Loki centered OR play with other characters or short drabble sections with each character to better practice writing them all (for other fics). One shot or multiple chapters.

What I need: Chapter titles and overall title; creativity and a challenge to do a little each day or with a chosen character for X amount of time/day to get a complete version of the fic; get creative with it, include songs/lyrics with different characters, explore ordinary situations, AU’s and mental health conditions; just play with it. Play along. Quotes from books/actors about characters; goals to do. Be a character ahead for uploading; can be disjointed–doesn’t have to be chronological; something light, fun, unpredictable; characters: Barton, Natasha, Thor, Loki, Tony, Bruce, Steve.

PD Comm.: This isn’t really something I’ve thought of much in the last few years but it would be nice to explore and get better at properly representing the other characters which, because I largely and exclusively write for Avengers, will be necessary. Even more so if I want to be more current with the newer Avengers members (Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Antman, Spider-man, etc.) It’d be an interesting little project, I think. Maybe I will do something with it this year.

I also just want to say of course that I don’t own this characters, just the plot ideas! πŸ˜‰

5. “____________” (Untitled) ; May/June 2017

About: Inspired by recent world news of terror attacks. What if Loki took a step back, saw himself and his actions in Avengers on the news and considered himself a terrorist. How might that play out? What would it look like? ~Title something about terrorist/terror attack. Maybe a made up date of what happened in New York in Avengers? Maybe POV of Loki murdering, others being hurt and Loki later on either repenting or celebrating?

What I need: Glimpses of news stations and outlets speaking about Loki’s terror attack–reports, breaking news, witness accounts, clips being shown, maybe real or made up news anchors; title brainstorm; the ability to take on new and challenging perspectives to write on potentially controversial topics with a fanfic/fictional perspective that may not reflect my true thoughts on the real world “inspirations”; how do people cope with extreme situations? How are they resilient? Capturing the keep fighting mentality. The coming together and standing strong; long one-shot. Multiple days, editing before uploading; research if Avengers happened on a specific day or make it up.

PD Comm.: This particular fic is actually super relevant today as yesterday I went off on a Deep Dive on Youtube after being recommended the 9/11 terror attacks and it definitely made me think back on this fic and what I wanted to do with it, which in part inspired me to write this post in the first place (to continue getting all my ideas together in another place and work through any issues or writing vibes that came up (like new projects or next projects to work on)) Especially since it’s been a long time since I really sat down and read over these notes. I thought it’d make a good post to explore them, here. πŸ™‚ Any who!

6. “Night Terror” ; April 2017

About: Inspired by “Beacon” an Tony x Steve fic (not one I wrote) & “My Heart Beats, Too” (my first published and completed story on AO3 & A story in which Tony Stark is awoken in panic by the sound of a fellow teammate in his room late one night. While his PTSD is triggered, he sets it aside in order to aid his befallen teammate. Who has fallen down the rabbit hole with him? And will Tony’s efforts be enough to save them? Post Avengers AU featuring a reformed evil doer.

What I need: Review text to pick up on details included -> Loki is bleeding heavily from various wounds; assess/establish Loki’s injuries; the aid that will be provided to him; vague or specifics; Thanos got him; how does Tony help him? What can he do?; establish length, short fic <5 chapters; deep injury then recovery; why does Loki come to Tony? Friendship established? Does Loki say why or just smirks? Little more thought with this one.

PD Comm.: This is actually another one of my stories that I have shelved for later and is on hiatus, although I do have the first chapter up on my account. I think I still need to put it on AO3, but I’m not positive. I don’t really have much else to say about this fic, surprisingly. Yeah, that’s all I got.

7. “Severed” ; Nov. 2016

*This story has cover art which will be presented at the end of the block.

About: Inspired by Skylark016’s “Got Hit Couldn’t Shake It” a Steve Rogers centered fanfic on My story is an AU in which Loki is struck by an enemy in battle while fighting alongside his older brother, Thor. When it turns out his life altering injury is permanent, how may Loki rise above his ailment and live a life he enjoys? And how will Thor’s friends, the Avengers, support or hinder his brother’s recovery?

What I need: Further inspiration to continue this fic; research on paralysis below the hips; current technology for Tony’s involvement; when approximately it takes place (how long after New York?); style of AU and how to incorporate details into fic; more notes and build up of details. Identify what I want to get out of this fic and what takeaway can be made for the readers; approximately max 20 chapters; does Loki find out he’s adopted? And how does he react? When does he find out? Who does he go to for help?

PD Comm.: Aaaa, Severed. Dear old, dear, Severed. I LOVE this fanfic, to be honest. I forgot it was inspired by someone else’s story and that seems to be a theme with a lot of these, to be honest! Ahaha. But no, really, I love this story so much. I just published the 9th chapter a week or so ago, if you want to check it out! You could even leave a review if you’d like, hint hint. But I think this story may be–actually no, it WILL be–longer than 20 chapters. Maybe 40. It’s good. There will be some suicidal themes, which for most of my stories that’s a prevalent theme (in some more than others) but it will get better once Loki and Thor move down to Earth. It just takes a little while before that happens and Loki has to go through some hell first. Oh, Severed. How I love you dearly. ❀ ❀ ❀ Additionally, I’m not including a spoilers warning for this particular fic as I actually wind up setting up the premise at the end of the first chapter (which I totally forgot about until I went back and read it months/a year later lol).

Cover art:


Drawn also in June 2017. ❀

8. “A Little Unsteady” ; August 2016

About: Title inspired by the X Ambassadors song “Unsteady” and also there’s just not enough Loki fainting fics out there. It’s been three days since Loki joined the Avengers Initiative, two months after the battle of New York City. Loki’s body decides to kick off the celebrations by fainting…multiple times. How will the other Avengers react to this new development? And will Loki feasibly be able to join the team if his problem continues?



What I need: use of medical research with some creative license in fic; continued research on atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation; timeline: 3 days (and 2 months after NYC, Chp 1), 1 week (Chp 2), 2 months with existential and situational crisis (Chp 3); Chp 4 picks up with Thor finding out about Loki’s troubles; Loki gets benched for a little while (at least a chapter); 1 more instance where Loki gets a bad attack on a mission after an absence of fainting that gets him hit in battle, falling off a roof and onto the top of a car where blood drips from his fingers and he needs CPR for being technically dead; after this it’s found out that he’s suffering from A.flutter with Afib. here and there; treatment approaches are explored. Maybe some suspense still fluttered in and how he manages life anew/in light of his condition; ~10 chapters; time to jump back in and continue playing with characters and how to jump into the story again; answer/address Loi’s PTSD with the Other/Thanos torture and him telling the others about that (Chp 3 mentions and from a review of the story); what do I mean to achieve with this fic? How do I get from here to there?; interaction with the team.

PD Comm.: This fic is … amazing and mind boggling and I’m soooo in love with it. I JUST updated it after like 5-6 months YESTERDAY on both AO3 and if you want to check it out but man, this is THE most popular story I have ever had. EVER. It’s amazing and I am so thankful and I love it and it’s got humor and feels and I feel like, especially as of the last chapter, that I’m like part of the elite club when it comes to the MCU to be able to play with emotions both of sadness and relatability and humor and light-heartedness. It’s such a precarious balance but so needed and something I feature here and there in a few of my other stories as well. It’s necessary, it really is. But yeah, man, I love ALU. I never thought it’d do as well as it has and it’s really, really cool to have such a large following for it although also intimidating but as you can see from the notes section, that the major scene that started this fic at all is pretty thorough and detailed out but we’ve still got probably 2-4 chapters to go before we get there completely.

Definitely a longer than 10 chapter fic, maybe 20 or so? Sigh. Yes, so, so, so much love. Plus who doesn’t love a good little medical mystery? πŸ˜‰

Also, it’s now 9p, my god. I wonder if I should put this as two posts instead of one huge one? I’m not sure, maaaaaybe. We’re almost half-way through though!

9. “This Would Be the End” ; August 2016

*This fic has cover art.

About: Inspired from Thor (2011) when Loki finds out his true heritage and the song “It all runs together” as background music for writing the first chapter. His world had turned still. The moment he was completely submerged in the shifting waves, his world had turned still. Over and over he tried to break through to the surface, but a weight held him down. Something was holding him down in a vicious, unrelenting fashion. No, wait… They were hands. Loki is drowning and someone is trying to kill him. Would this be the end for them?



What I need: Clint tries to kill Loki by murder suicide in the ocean, sacrificing his own life, 5 years after NYC. Both are given CPR. Loki comes back from (multiple tries) of Thor’s hammer’s electricity; Loki is unconscious with internal injuries and is in pain. They realize this at the end of Chp 2; Loki suffers from internal burns due to his Frost Giant genetics so there’s organ damage, broken ribs, burns to his chest, a broken sternum (even if he’s a demigod) and the psychological ramifications that will happen later; maybe Loki and Barton have therapy? :D; Don’t make Clint a murderous bad guy a reviewer says. Clint likely made a split second decision that with treatment he later regrets and has to come to terms with and how he and Loki deal with the situation thereafter; Does Loki join the team? How do they learn to trust one another? Trust games: falling, fighting, ‘team’ exercises. How does the team respond? Do they get therapy, too?; Unknown length. Until it’s complete and I get out all I want to. πŸ™‚

PD Comm.: I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that the idea for this fic came out from the scene where Loki learns his true heritage and there’s water on both sides of the vault room and that’s what made me think of this plot, because as it’s revealed in the first chapter, Loki doesn’t know how to swim. But yeah, this one also has a bit of spoilers in it so be mindful of that. Everyone’s going to get group therapy though and it’s going to be infinitely interesting.

I think what’s most interesting about all these fics and plots and stories is finding those little parts of myself that I am leaving behind. It’s very, very fascinating. This story is on hold but I am hoping to work on another chapter again soon so I can update it on my accounts. I think I am still behind a bit for AO3 (I only joined in June 2018).

Cover art:


One brown eye to represent Barton & one green eye to represent Loki. An ocean and a pulse line. Hehe. I guess it says something about life/death and the intricate ways we’re all connected to one another/impact each other’s lives.

Life Update Thumb

But overall, I think I’ve decided that I will upload this post as PART 1 of my fanfics and work on Part 2 tomorrow or Saturday instead. Because I could MAYBE squeeze it all in today but that’s a bit all/nothing and I’m bound to be tired as is so for now, this will do. It’s also currently about 9:30p so, you know, even if I tried to get it all done, ugh that just sounds like a lot more work and energy that I don’t have to expel at the moment. This is officially half-way through all my fanfic stories ideas, notes and the like, however!

I’m actually quite exhausted mentally and physically, so I’ll be off to bed soon. I have to wake up early tomorrow as is to go to program.

But, above all, I hope you enjoyed this piece! It’s really pretty neat to look back on some of these stories and see where the roots of inspiration came from. I definitely forgot how intricate my inspirations can be and I hope that with time I’ll be able to challenge my issues regarding reading to reimmerse myself into some of these stories (of other writers, I mean). But yeah, it’s really cool and neat and interesting to read back through these and see where things have come from and collided and having some drawings for them etc. The next portion will largely be just text but maybe I can work on something soon for more cover art pieces to these stories. That would be fun. πŸ™‚

Today was a very, very, very good day to me. I actually spent probably about 2 hours watching through all the clips or as many as I could find of Thor and the Avengers to get myself more inspired to work on stories/chapters, and I still have to print the latest chp of ALU, but yeah, I did some research and I’m happy to have had all the vibes and creativity today. I know I’ll face writer’s block again in the future, and I have to mention those House MD fics too, but for now, it’s good. Life is good.

I made 19 cards and dropped them off at Unit Z which is almost like a precursory project to Recovery Restoration which is super exciting and I really look forward to exploring it soon. I believe I have a family therapy appointment this Sat. That will be interesting. For now, I’m tired. It’s time to end this post. I could say more, I so could, but I must rest.

Thank you all for reading this blog post!! I’ll probably answer a few messages from my fics now, work on videos over the weekend and tweet, text and maybe write, print and do my P, J, 5YJ, TP and DC.

Good night, my friends. ❀ ❀ ❀