Since My Disappearance…

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This blog post is brought to us all by the shuffling songs of my main iPod’s playlist “Other Songs”. (We’re currently starting out with ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac, which is a lovely random choice that I equally love and appreciate).

So, uh, it’s been almost 2 months since my last blog post–and even then it was an old school article so maybe even a few weeks before then was my last official blog post.

Sorry about that!!!

Having Twitter (and even then, I haven’t been super active there in the last week) has erased some of my desires for blogging and I also feel that with all the art juggling I do these days that it just kinda pooped out. I guess I’ve been looking at blogging as I have been reading a physical book: I want to do it but the task is so huge and daunting and requires so much effort that I just avoid (Internet addiction AKA the Deep Dives on Youtube) and distract and get busy otherwise.

Speaking of art:

There was one week that I actually uploaded a video to my Youtube channel each day. And I’ve been writing LOTS of fanfics (largely just for my mental health conditions AU called “Distorted & Disordered”) which is something I have yet to completely talk about on my blog as that landed in Part 2 for all about my fanfics post. (Part of the reason I’m sure that I’ve been avoiding blogging especially for the projects posts ideas too).

But yeah, it’s been a while.

Today I found very old book reviews that I want to share with you guys soon. Life has been okay.

I actually meant to even blog last weekend (not this past one but the weekend before) because Galaxy my second Chinese hamster passed away, sadly. April 13th. Mocha’s knee has been bad again and she hurt her other back leg on Sat, we don’t know how or from what, and that made my weekend more depressing and somber. But I wrote and edited and uploaded a new chapter for D&D so that’s good.

I also got re-trained for NAMI’s Peer to Peer mentor class (as in, I’m re-trained to teach the course for others living with mental health conditions). This past weekend I listened to creepypastas as I reorganized and renovated my room. (Tidying, light rearranging etc.) I also tossed out some clothes that I’m not going to wear and put aside the winter clothes. This coming weekend I will switch over to my summer clothes. 😀

Avengers: Endgame is coming out this weekend! Super excited about that. I’m a little tired right now but I’m okay. I’m surviving, if nothing else. I’ve been reading “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King and I’m thankful that I finally found some of my really old book reviews because the one for “The Ritual” by Adam Nevill was presenting large amounts of problems (it took me an hour to find it) but I finally did so that’s what counts. Guess I just have to set aside all the frustrations I was having about not being able to find it XD

Sometimes I’ve colored too. I actually got super behind in my journaling and 5YJ. I still have to make up over a month of that, not too excited or happy about that though.

One of my bracelets broke this morning so that kinda sucks. I also have about 15 books out from the library at the moment. I’m practically drowning in books that I find it difficult to get back into. I’m okay once I’m engaged but ugh it sucks.

Still going to program 3x/week. I’ve hung out a few times with friends since we’ve last spoken. Listened to lots of music. Doing the DBT-I homework. Laughing. Enjoying myself. I got a thank you card recently and a gift card for Dunkin Donuts which was nice. Sending emails, doing LOADS of NAMI IOOV’s (I did like 5 in the span of 3 weeks). I have commencement happening at the end of May 2019. Gotta go up to get my cap and gown on the 13th of May, because I also want to decorate my cap and they’re having the party for that that day, yay!

The trees are flowering and blooming so I’m hoping to get some photos taken this week.

Also, speaking of photos, I have two photographs that I’m printing largely (not sure where yet) to be exhibited in my town’s library. More on that later (like a future post/the going’s on’s of that).

I was able to attend a job interview even though I didn’t wind up with the job (which kinda sucks) but since then I still have to edit my resume and start applying more.

For now, I guess that’s about all. Just doing a lot, keeping busy, all that jazz. I have to go eat dinner now but it was fun, I guess? I know I just have 110 pages left for me to read and I want to get some old reviews done for you guys. I’d also really like to re-engage with the community here more although I don’t know when I’ll have the time to do that exactly.

My Mom’s home, time to go.

Hope you’ve been well! Let me know in the comments how you’ve been and all that jazz. Honestly, I’d like to chat with you peeps again and I wouldn’t be surprised if I re-decorate my blog again too.

Until next time; stay safe!

❤ ❤ ❤

PS A couple weeks ago I thought about creating a new thumb for Documentary Reviews, TED talks, and other miscellaneous material, what do you guys think about that?

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