What’s Been Happening Behind the Scenes? (Ft. Lots of Photos)

Survivor Award = 8.1.18


hi again!

It’s been a while. This is going to be a smorgasbord of topics post, because I don’t have a lot of time but I want to catalogue my thoughts before going to my graduation ceremony tomorrow! And it’s been so long and I’ve been itching to write most days just didn’t always prepare the time for doing it. 😛

With that out of the way…

  • I’ve recently gotten more movies and books out from the library 🙂 I have finished handwriting my film review for “Pet Sematary” (1989) that I now just have to type into a post and publish! It’s going to add up to 10 hours of work altogether, I think.
  • I went to a local festival on Sat with David and that was SUCH fun, plus I filmed a bunch of it and I can’t wait to make that into a video for my Youtube channel (SNEAK PEEK: This is a glimpse of some of the things we won!)


  • I also got a NEW soft brown pillow from Walmart and I don’t regret that decision (it’s as soft as Galaxy used to be)
  • I also got like 6 new books for $4 but don’t tell my Mom that.
  • We had the NAMI Walk and I filmed a bunch there too. That is also another video I want to do soon (plus last year’s!!)
  • I’ve made 4 new IOS’s since we’ve last spoke (just two examples below to quench your thirsts!)




Lyrics “Lift up your eyes and see the sun is rising” from “The Sun is Rising” by Britt Nicole 😉

  • I filmed a video of ONE of these IOS’s so that’s fun!
  • I decorated my ceremony’s hat! Here it is, before and after:



The A is for Avengers 😉

  • Since trying on tomorrow’s outfit, I’ve come to realize I could fit about 6 of me in the gown itself, ahaha
  • Aw, I just heard about some cancelled plans for the weekend, so either this one or next I’ll be traveling in an unfamiliar place (in preparation for that job)
  • I want to go see “Ma” in theaters Sat or Sun
  • I still have plenty of books to read and minus today this past week has been less filled with my Youtube addiction
  • I finally finished my IOOV re-certification, thank god.
  • I got a haircut on Mon and got it straightened, so that’s fun!
  • And overall today I’ve been sleeping and not doing much, ahaha.
  • Tomorrow 2 of my friends are coming to my graduation along with my parents and then after I’m gonna hang out with my friend Vanessa who will come watch me edit some videos until I drop her off at her house.

So, that’s about everything so far.

I should really get going soon. Maybe I will try to read a little more. I am working on a new film review and I imagine my Sat is going to be a lot of reviews. Maybe I will still go driving on Sun anyways, I’m not sure.

But that’s all I got.

I’m honestly more excited for video editing after graduation than the ceremony itself. But the weather should be nice, hopefully! I guess I think it’s a little anti-climatic as I was already sent my degree XD

Buuuuut, yes. I have a VERY EARLY morning tomorrow, so that’s it from me for now. I’ll try and not take so long on the next post 😉 I want to do some old challenges/award posts and who knows maybe even do something more creative on here, too.

Stay safe!!

❤ ❤ ❤

& Thanks for reading!! 😉

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