Vacation Mayhem: Packing, Repacking and Organizing Throughout!

your smile lights up my world. THUMB = 1.18.19

Uh, yeah, so I just re-realized that tomorrow evening I’m going to be seeing “The Lion King” remake with my friend after program whiiiiiiiiich means I won’t be home early/right after program which kinda cancels out any blogging I could be doing then. Sooooo, we’re right back to here to try and write something up to at least explain my absence and then my continued absence.

So, if you haven’t heard from my tweets over on the birdy app, (which no longer works on my phone anymore these days, (legasp! and curse you software update!)), I am going away abroad on vacation!! The elusive, amazing and content packed thing we call vacations!!

I am going to Germany for a few days (I’ll be able to visit my brother, yes, I know, it’s amazing, I have a brother ;)) then to Austria for a few more and then back to Germany.

10 days in total!

I can’t really go into further detail than that as I have to protect my own privacy and those around me, but it should be awesome and fun and interesting to say the least!!

I’m leaving this coming Thursday around 3pm EST. I have a final family therapy appointment Thursday morning before I head out. I’m thinking the jet lag is gonna be SUCH a bitch. XD

I don’t know all the further details of everything I’ll be doing yet, but it should definitely be something. I’ve cleared out the majority of my camera’s SD card, I’ve got about 6,200 free photo space to work with, I’m importing my video SD card to my laptop currently and into the next couple of days so that I can film a little here and there on the trip, and I’m leaving my phone here in the states while also juggling my camera stuff and a carry on bag and the suitcase, too.

Sorry, my attention is a little split right now. I’m starting to wind down for bed and really have to be finishing this post soon, even though I feel like I just started it.

I’ll be coming back home by August 17th, and I’m not sure now if I’ll have Thumb Thursdays still going as I am out of the country. I still owe you guys one from last week.

All I know for sure is that the window is closing soon and I’ll be away from program for 10 days and I won’t have my phone but maybe this will give me a much needed Internet break (read: Youtube) even though I will still be able to access some of my accounts here and there. (Email, Twitter, etc.) Just not as often. XD

Trying to remember to bring various chargers, finish finalizing the ends of my clothing I’ll be bringing and my carry on bag supplies and all that jazz.

Yeah, I really feel I’m puttering out now. I’ve been able to watch a few movies these past couple of weeks and I have to fill out all my daily maintenance stuff shortly. I’ve been Googling various trip planning websites and TSA guidelines and all that jazz. Written out a few different lists to keep myself prepared and organized.

Tomorrow I’ll be going out in the early evening as I mentioned earlier and then just adding the final touches to everything else.

Welp, I think I should pack up for tonight soon. Gotta wake up early tomorrow.

I’ll see if I can write something else before I leave.

Thanks for reading!!!


❤ ❤ ❤

PS And of course I will update you guys when I get back with everything that happened, hopefully tomorrow WordPress will be working without any kinks so I can update my profile picture. 🙂 Stay tuned!! 😀


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