My 4 Recovery Based Projects. This Post: #RecoveryHome (2016)

**See this post here to check out my first project in this blog series: Recovery Restoration (2017)**

#RecoveryHome THUMB - ABOUT - Project - 1.18.19

Project 2: #RecoveryHome (born 2016)

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**Related photographs, as a reminder to myself, will be scattered throughout this post as well. This post will discuss the project itself, details that I’ve involved in previous blog posts (as can be originally found above), newer details, future plans for the project and logos for RecoverytoWellness. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค Enjoy!!


Watercolor drawing from my Sketchbook #2 created on July 18th 2016. It depicts a sign with two little birds on it that are pointing ahead towards where my #RecoveryHome resides.


The origins of my second project, titled #RecoveryHome, is really the first recovery based project that I had created way back in the day. As you may know, I created this WordPress blog back in May 2016. Later in Dec 2016 I created my Youtube channel (under the same name) after being inspired by another blogger turned vlogger who began to spread her sparkle and shine onto that platform.

As far as I’m aware, I distinctly recall struggling in June–whether that was in 2015 or 2016, I’m unsure–and beginning to take the reigns on my experiences with chronic suicidality caused from mental health conditions when I turned my focus away from the death and gloom of my brain and rather onto the light and sparkling rainbows that could co-exist in my mind.

If I was going to imagine and fantasize about dull, gloomy topics, then that meant I also had the ability to use my imagination for powers of good.

Thus, #RecoveryHome was born.

I suppose the effort is partially from acceptance and partially from artistic endeavors and partially advocacy and wholly about spreading positivity, recovery and self-expression. To hold both co-existing circumstances–to hold say, wanting to live and wanting to die–in the same vessel gives…more power to a person than we sometimes realize.

But I’d like to take in the negative while focusing more on the positive. So I began to build what my #RecoveryHome would look like (and have described in better terms in the links above)–there was no limitation to my imagination. If I wanted heart shaped skylights, I could have them.

Which is the second best gift of #RecoveryHome: being able to create in this reality versions, prototypes and creations from that imagined place. It’s borrowing the idea of creating a visualization so pure and descriptive that you’re in it, even if technically you’re not. That is what the #RecoveryHome do (purposefully grammatically incorrect, in the voice of ZeFrank from Youtube ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). And the bonus? Being able to create art about it that conceptualizes the idea in further manners, so that your imagined place can find some physical sustenance in this realm.

My #RecoveryHome features a large house on the top of a hill. Below the hill are a goodie bag assortment of shops: a Barnes & Noble (because books and stationery-which is reason enough), the Target Dollar Spot (from back in the day, 2016 era, because nowadays their stationery housing is absolute shit), Michael’s (arts and crafts store), Bath and Body Works (because scents), a movie theater, and a Paper Store.

The streets in the town are of a varied assortment, some including but nowhere finished yet, “Lapse Circle”, “Relapse Boulevard”, “Hope Avenue”, “Cherry Blossom Way”, “Coping Lane”, “Life Worth Living Alley”, “Kill Yourself Road” (a dead end, because puns and this contribution is from the mental health conditions that live in a shambled, disarray, broken home upon this street, ew) and “Bloomingdale Cove”. “Life Worth Living Alley” is a golden walkway which sparkles in the sunlight. We can spend time at the Resources Reservation Park, to guide fellow travelers through their own potential pitfalls and struggles. The park features a platform from which Iโ€™ll interview our communityโ€™s resources, what they do and their role in all of our journeys. At the Community Center, Iโ€™ll ask questions to our community and receive responses to their views on stigma, advocacy and the outlets that exist within our world to promote mental health awareness.

Together, weโ€™ll clear up misconceptions about suicidality and how to continue talking about it through the Say the Word Suicide presentations in the large, white building dedicated to all those who we have lost to and whom have struggled with suicidality. The building is a memorial and an avenue for change in our future.


Created from Summer 2016.

The trees that line the walkway towards my #RecoveryHome range from snowy winter-time, to summer to autumn. There is a large carved stone that says “Recovery Residence” at the corner. Then there’s the house of mine itself. There are heart shaped skylights upon the roof, a painted Fleur-de-lis of a pastel green, yellow and pink on the front door (of which the back interior to the house has the scrawled phrase “Your Life is Worth Living”), to the left of the property is a gazebo with flowers and fairy lights curling around the beams and to the right of the property is this world’s logo: a seven colored rainbow based lighthouse that serves to be a beacon to others who are upon their travels, fighting their way through the shadows and the dead trees to make it to better days ahead.

I hope that this description thus far has made everything click into place if you’re a returning reader of mine. Everything in this realm, in my mind, is connected. The logo I’ve traditionally created over and over is a part of this entire mission.


This piece, a watercolor, was created in March/April 2018. The slogan, for which my blog resides upon, is written out down below and the lighthouse, with all its colors, can be clearly seen.

It holds a special place in my mind and in my heart and, honestly, probably in my soul as well. There was something about color, about sparkles and glitter and sequins and rainbows that really popped out to me when I began my recovery journey. My original sketchbook went from blue and black ink to a flurry of color, bursting from the page and enlightening my world. The rainbow lighthouse serves this purpose too. Any time I see regular lighthouses now, I feel that they need a splash of color to them. ๐Ÿ˜€

Unfortunately, having such a concrete image in mind of what I want my logo to be–I don’t have the technology to create it digitally, thus I’ve resorted to a silhouette lighthouse in my Youtube channel videos or the shoddy photographs of traditional images. One day, hopefully soon, I can figure something out–even if it’s just a quick free trial of Photoshop or something (and if you have any ideas, pleaaaase let me know down below!). For now though, I create it with physical things I can reach out for now. But this story is far from over….


Over the course of time, I’ve forgotten what my vision for #RecoveryHome was. I think that’s a pretty normal and natural thing to have happen. Sometimes our dreams collect dust for a while as we get busy with other things in our lives and we forget what hope and inspiration that was once brimming at the rim meant to us and in our lives.

I think most of my projects, hell my blog entirely itself, has fallen into that pitfall. But the goal of this project is that after I publish my recovery memoir (detailing through blog posts, old Mass Media articles, old DA journals, incidences of my own original work or mentions at least to fanfic endeavors and more) which will end with the projects I have in mind going forwards, that I will create a workbook for #RecoveryHome. The workbook will follow my template of creation with space for the reader to include and model their own.

Hell, if this project really gains traction, maybe I can include some other examples of others works. ๐Ÿ™‚ That would be nice.

But yes, for now, I want to make it more interactive and I think a workbook will be helpful with that. I also want to write a fiction novel and other art-based projects with the theme of recovery from mental health conditions in mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I guess the big dream would be that I make something in contribution to the art world and if that’s too broad then maybe just the art therapy world and the mental health world and advocacy and recovery worlds. ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be so amazing and cool to see what others create with my ideas. Hell, some things already kinda exist like it (using the house metaphor). I think it’d be really empowering and artistically inspiring. And people could paint their own stories with their sharing, which I think is especially inspiring and beautiful.

Especially if #RecoveryHome DOES become a workbook and I can sell some, which would be lovely, that I hope and dream it could be something nation-wide in America or even worldwide if we dream really big. ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes me happy and smile just thinking about it. But I suppose I’m getting far ahead of myself, ahaha. Also, earning some money would be nice.


Conditions: This will be mentioned a little more specifically in a section up ahead called “How much I can share online.”

Limitations: With my wavering attention span and the time it will take to build the home, the environment, the artistic inspiration, the publishing information, the memoir being written (at worst, I could do that second, honestly), the money being dished out (and hopefully brought back a smidge! I don’t work for peanuts! :P), the commitment of the project, the any involvement with other creators for the project and general life experiences and everything… yeah, it’s definitely still in the novice stage and there’s A LOT to be dealt with before it’s properly up and running. We shall see. I think I can start making some SMART goals about it in my planner though, especially after this post which will serve as the hubbub of the project in and of itself. Yay 2019!


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**These are made and used for my Youtube channel ๐Ÿ™‚


Good, goooood question. I think if I want to create a workbook that will be gradually if not abruptly shown to the public, than that means I have to keep most of it under wraps. Which will be a challenge, but maybe if and when I gain more support around this project or my other ones, maybe that will be helpful and keep me accountable and allow for a success rather than a flop! But I’d imagine most of it needs to be private until it can be public. Which is why I’ve left some of the other posts linked above alone once I inevitably stopped working on it due to other extenuating circumstances.

Also, I’ve considered making like a Kickstarter on this project or some of my others. It’s a possibility!


Oooof, honestly, I’m about an hour into this post but I need to do other things too, so I’m going to give myself some time to come up with some more specific SMART goals for this project on my own, but let’s say with a check-in in 2 weeks with a blog post telling you guys about where I’m at and any problems I ran into and maybe a mind map sharing if we’re all lucky. My planner is really well-equipped to handle this mission. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, basically, soon but not right now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Honestly? Not so sure. Maybe launching 2 years from now? Depending on various other factors, of course. Maybe I should watch that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collab/series to get some ideas on marketing and all that jazz. Worth a thought!


I think creating the workbook itself (bound, with images, with text, etc.), any supplies for the prototypes in this reality for the concept, costs of the workbook themselves for others to buy, and like any payment for others if they contribute their own examples will all need to be taken under consideration. Time will be a cost, too. A necessary evil. ๐Ÿ˜›


Almost done!

So, along with #RecoveryHome, it’s ideal to create your Recovery self as well! If we’re going to describe in great detail what the terrain and tribulations of the realm will be it’s only natural to create your persona and what they look like, what they enjoy, their style and more. This is where my tagline on Twitter, Recovery Raquel, came into play in as early as 2016 but not officially until about 2017. My persona has her brown hair but the ends are dyed blue (something I aspire to in this life as well). Make-up is usually worn for her as well (unlike this reality). And essentially it would be Recovery X (whatever X is as your name). Recovery personas will have their own, upcoming project post themselves, so look out for that!!

And finally….


Maybe less so with this project, but most of my projects will leave behind my business cards in case others want to participate within the projects themselves. ๐Ÿ™‚


And, honestly that’s the end of this post for now! I’m on a major time crunch, so here’s to hoping this long awaited blog post was worth it all in the end!!!

Thank you soooo much for reading and please do share this post around! And if you know any digital art software, let me knooooow.

Looking forward to a podcast I’ll be featured in ahead! I’ll make sure to write a proper blog post soon, too. I want to do some fanfic stuff during the holidays and read some books, watch some movies and get back to my roots. And work. Have to work too.

See ya!

โค โค โค