Graphic Design Website Review: Visme


Hot off the press and take #2 on writing this post, this post will feature various creations I’ve made using the website! Enjoy!!!

The Visme Review on RecoverytoWellness is finally here!

It’s taken me a few hours and many renditions and re-rendering renditions (and then the next day, fuuu) to get this post out to you all but I hope it finds you all well. To the artists, creators and graphic design whizzes in you, I bring to ye a graphic design website review for:

In this post, I hope that you’ll learn from each of these components of my review:

      • The Origins of How I was Introduced to Visme
      • Pricing, Plans and Perks
      • The Mechanics of Visme (How Does It Work?)
      • My Thoughts & Impressions. What Works and What Pitfalls Exist For Me
      • The Competition Between Graphic Design Websites
        • Examples of my designs (dispersed throughout)
        • Any valuable links that Visme itself hosts (throughout)
      • My recommendation score

So, sit back, buckle in and let’s jump into this!!!

Part 1: The Origins of How I was Introduced to Visme

So, I can’t believe it’s been THIS long ago (I swear, 2019 went by in a blur, most of which I don’t remember, ahaha) but I was originally approached by a candidate of Visme back in July 2019. They saw that I had tweeted about my longest running graphic design website account that I use to make all of my Youtube thumbnails, blog post thumbs and the like (Canva–which I hope to create its own review for some time in the future) and remarkably, they contacted me via my blog’s Contact page (**hint, hint, if you want me to review anything of yours or check something out, feel free to message me!).

After linking me to this helpful video which depicts what Visme is and what makes it different to other similarly based websites:

we wound up discussing their gratuitous interest in having me try it out so that I could review it here for you all (at least, I hope there’s an “all” of you out there, otherwise, I’m talking to myself which would be quite silly–“One day! One day I will be discovered!”) to consume, consider checking out or creating for yourself!!


And thus, my adventures, journey and creative explorations with Visme began!

Over the course of these past 5 months, off and on, I’ve created some wonderful designs or have had the chance to at least START some (we all know how forgetful and absent and avoidant I can be, after all) and they, early on, had offered to boost my account from the general perspective to a premium perspective, just so I could offer you guys more details and information from what I tinkered with, what options I had and all things from that conceptualization.

So, over those 5 months, that’s what I did, and that’s what’s set in stone my being able to tell you guys about that! Therefore, without further ado, we shall explore what I uncovered, the things I made (some are still works in progress, just FYI) and what my overall opinion of them is, in hopes that some of you who may be willing to create artsy things can check them out or if you know of other graphic design based websites that you’ve tried, you can leave them in the comments and we could make a little review series out of it! Hooray to the functionality of the Internet! 😀 ❤


Oops, I just realized now that I made 2 ThTh9’s, I’ll have to fix that later, but this is one I made on Visme! Free jar/fairy light images. 🙂

Part 2: Pricing, Plans & Perks

Here is a link to Visme’s official page discussing all the pricing of plans and perks for each type of category whether you’re looking for an individual basis, a business basis or an education basis.

For each category (the three I listed above) there are three options to choose from at different rates that gives you different sets of perks. I’d suggest looking at their website in full rather than reading this section here (although, keep reading, too!!) because theirs is a lot more interactive, loads easily and has a more striking visual caption than this plain text.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure which one Premium falls under for the time that I was using the site, but it offered a lot of access to more templates, more configurations and more, more, more. We’ll get into that in a bit though (see the section where I discuss my thoughts and the mechanics of the site itself).

RtW-Youtube-Banner-NEW-8.26.19 (3)

This sleek, professional and phenomenal creation is my newest logo/representing image to the introduction of my Youtube channel’s videos, the icon for this blog and the banner for my Youtube channel. Made in August 2019.

Part 3: The Mechanics of Visme (How Does It Work?)

So let’s set the scene: I have an account on Visme and I want to create something.

First, I have to identify what I want to create. So, I go to the Create button. I then am shown various options ranging from: presentations, infographics, documents, various types of printables, web graphics (and their own various types), social media graphics and/or my own custom dimensions. Of course, social media graphics are further organized into these types: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pintrest and Instagram. In fact, if you want to see a more stylized play by play of what you can create here is this helpful link!

So, say, for this example’s sake, that I choose:

A template for a presentation, whichever one catches my eye.

Here’s what I CAN do:

    • I can upload my own photograph/image for the project OR choose from various free images that I can use by typing in what I want into the search bar
    • I can work with icons or shapes supplied by Visme, often through searching or the category they may be in (Both of these are found under: Graphics)
    • I can tinker around with the basics of the program: headers and texts; stats and figures; graphics and text or diagrams
    • I have plenty of font styles that I can play with and choose from
    • I can change the color of the font through a small choice of colors or through the larger color wheel
    • I can add data
    • I can add media
    • I can change my theme colors
    • I can save the project to whatever fits my aesthetic
    • I can download the project in whichever way I see fit

Those are the basic, bare bone components to what Visme offers, as best as I could describe it. 🙂

**Additional Section**:

Hi again, this edited section is to inform ye all on a few other scopes of interest that you may be thinking up in your noggin that you’d like to use Visme for but that I didn’t really go over in depth above. So! Visme can be used to create flyers, scatter plots and social media graphics!

  1. Check out this link for making graphs and charts
  2. Check out this link for FLYERS and other printables
  3. This one makes SCATTER PLOTS
  4. This one you can publish SURVEY RESULTS


Part 4: My Thoughts & Impressions. What Works and What Pitfalls Exist For Me

I don’t know what it is exactly about Visme, but I find that when I have started previous projects, especially within this review, I get really overwhelmed and I have a great idea at first and then somewhere along the production line I get an incredibly large art block and then can no longer create what it is that I wanted to. It’s sooooo frustrating.

Essentially, I go from FRESH IDEAS to NOTHING–really, really fast and it’s really, really irritating and discouraging. However, when I AM able to create with Visme I like what comes out! And I am able to tinker and move with it more than I can on sites such as Canva. I guess we have to take the downfalls with the climbs.

Here’s some of my thoughts in the process originally written from the last section:

I click on whichever one my heart desires and for whichever one my artistic soul is speaking through to me from. **Let’s be careful in our choices though. If I choose to create a custom dimension creation I do NOT receive a template (I suppose, understandably) for it, unless I’m ready to add in all that I want to to it specifically. Personally, this feels a bit overwhelming so I’d rather just work with a template, once I pick one from any of the categories, so that I have some form of a baseline that isn’t just completely white and blank and distressing.

I want to do something artsy, so let’s see which style I go for. Something colorful, maybe. Something simple, for sure.

I go with a black&white photograph presentation because it speaks to my soul and I can see my own black&white photos shining here.

…Then I get frustrated because my creative juices all just flew away like ravens wings batting the air and I can’t think of what to create. Pretty much, the untold story of this entire post….


But yeah, I find that I get a lot of ideas or a really great mental image of what I want to create and then somewhere along trying to find the bits and pieces the dream shatters and then I have nothing left. It’s so disheartening and it doesn’t happen as often on other websites so I don’t know what it is exactly that gets in my way, other than my own brain. Sigh.



For example, this attempt at creating…it has so much potential…but it’s just not there, you know?


Part 5: The Competition Between Graphic Design Websites

Even with this cautionary tale, I do still enjoy Visme. I find there exists some more freedom on it and using it than with Canva. Even if I feel I’m more productive and out-put faster on Canva.

I guess, in many ways, the previous section bleeds into this one, in that the competition that exists between businesses is very, very real. I don’t think I run into the creative block process as much with Canva, and maybe it’s because Canva still offers more to templates than what I feel Visme offers when I first get started trying to change a project into what I want it to be. (As in, what objects I can use, the photographs, the free sources, etc.)

Both sites offer printing availability which is wonderful, although I’ve only ever used this option with Canva and not Visme, so I can’t express too much on how that all works and how it comes out quality-wise.


Part 6: My Recommendation Score

Overall, I feel that my experience with Visme has been nice. Aggravating at times and nice all the same. I may have more projects that I’ve abandoned than what I’ve created but maybe that’s just a depiction of where I’ve been mentally rather than a direct reflection on the site and the business as a whole.

I think Visme would be particularly helpful for students and businesses and wanting to show and create informational brochures in an effective, sleek and crafty manner.

I think places like Canva work more with a creative edge, with templates that are well defined and curated and can be minimally edited and changed and still work as its own thing.

Visme, I feel, is more for someone who has either less of a perfect vision going in or knows more about how they want to convey their information than just to create something different, you know?

Overall, with all of this said, I’d say my recommendation score for Visme, purely from my own experiences is rated as:


When I can create on it, it’s lovely.

When I can’t, it takes me forever and I get really frustrated with it and acquire so many strange, strange art blocks.

I’m probably more of a Canva girl than I thought going in HOWEVER it was super, super nice to try something new, something different and something still worthwhile and fun to play with.

So I mean, you can make your own decisions up of what Visme has to offer you and what you can potentially expect if you do decide to use it for your own craft. It’ definitely worth a shot and hell, maybe you can give me some pointers on what to create next or where to go for other services and everything to that nature.

Overall, I hope that you enjoyed my review!!! I wanted to be honest and fair and real and authentic and I think all my work from yesterday and today shows that. I really worked hard on this post so if you could comment on it or share it around that’d be sooooo great!!! Let me know what you think of Visme now as someone from the inside (myself) who used it and if your interest has now piqued to use it yourself!

This is my first real review on a product so I hope it read all right! I’m sure there will be other opportunities to hone my craft in the future. ❤ There’s a first time for everything! Ahaha.

Thanks again for reading, visiting and liking or commenting!

See you all in the next one, which will be soon! ❤ ❤ ❤

And here are images, though they make ME cringe because they were placed on hiatus and weren’t “finished” and meant to be “seen” yet that I’ve decided to go all in and place here REGARDLESS, these are drafts that I’ve made, some are banners I did for someone else and some are ones I was trying to do for the blog here as well: (I hate how wordy this is and it makes me soooo frustrated. Ugh. Sorry that this review isn’t much better!! :/ I really, really tried.)


Sept. 2019. REBRANDED for a friend on Twitter, this is the old version.


July 2019, just playing around, seeing what Visme does. My own photograph.


OG for a friend, abandoned soon after. Sept. 2019


Dec. 2019. Started getting closer, then hit the wall again. D:


Sep. 2019, another banner attempted.


An abandoned thumb that went out of season, to be honest.

Thank you so much for reading!!

And thank you to Visme, for reaching out to me and letting me play with your website!! I hope this review is okay, I really did try, it just proved to be more difficult than I imagined it to be! Story of my creating on there, ahaha. Honestly though, I really appreciate your kindness and letting me have some creative expressions on your site. Sending you this as soon as I can! Best, ❤ ❤ ❤

Music that helped create this post:

“Rescue” by Lauren Daigle; “Broken and Beautiful” by Kelly Clarkson; “1800 273 8255” by Logic & COVER by Lynnea M….

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