Stop making a taboo about having periods

A great post with a perfect balance between images and text. A message we all need to rejoice in more and find comfort and solace in our shared experiences. Give it a go! 🙂 ❤ xxx

Sea of words

Hey lovelies 💕,

I just have to write this blog post because I feel bad these days and it’s also important to raise awareness about it. I’m going to talk about period pain and periods in general. I already talked about it one day. I don’t understand why we don’t talk more about it and it is considered still a taboo when it’s something natural. I think we have to talk more about it so that women don’t feel alone while suffering each month from heavy pain, blood, mood swings and everything which comes with having our periods. Men often say women get crazy when their period is coming well we aren’t crazy, our homones are doing that work. I find it always so disgusting when people say that like we like to be completely mad. If they would suffer from it, they wouldn’t say that because then…

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